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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun….” – ‘Meet The ‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Who Was Shot In The Back By Her 4-Year-Old While Driving’


jamie gilt

My only question……Why wasn’t this woman arrested for child endangerment?

What kind of an idiot would put a loaded, I repeat LOADED gun in the back seat where a child is left unattended, I repeat, UNATTENDED  – AND – NOT, I repeat NOT buckled in a safety seat. 


(cough) ‘responsible’ gun owner…….

Meet Florida resident Jamie Gilt’.

‘Everyone say “Hi, Jamie!”

Jamie is many things’.

She’s a Ted Cruz supporter’.
‘She’s a pro-gun advocate who runs a narcissistically-named pro-gun Facebook page called “Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense,” apparently named thusly to mock firearm safety groups’.
‘According to her Facebook likes she is an admirer of the Tea Party’,
‘she’s a horse enthusiast’,
‘thinks Hillary Clinton belongs in prison’,
‘and admirers the terrorist group who engaged in an armed standoff with the federal government at Bundy Ranch’.

‘She’s also exactly the sort of person who would leave a loaded gun within arm’s reach of a 4-year-old’.


‘On Tuesday afternoon, a Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputy noticed a woman behaving frantically inside her four-door pickup truck’.

‘The officer quickly realized that a woman inside the vehicle had been shot, according to Captain Joseph Wells’.


‘The woman explained to the officer that she had been shot by her four-year-old son as he sat in the back seat of the car while the two traveled to her sister’s home to pick up a horse’.

“She was shot through the seat and the round went through her back,” Wells said, noting that there were no holes in the back of the truck, which had a horse trailer hitched to the back’.

‘The child was not strapped into his booster seat when the deputy found Gilt’.

“There was a booster seat in the back of the vehicle, but however the boy was not strapped in when the deputy got to them,” Wells said’.

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One thought on ““All it takes is one good guy with a gun….” – ‘Meet The ‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Who Was Shot In The Back By Her 4-Year-Old While Driving’

  1. I’d be laughing my ass off if I wasn’t so tragic.

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