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Poll Watch – 3-7-16

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Tomorrow Michigan, Mississippi and I-Dee-Hoe.

Bernie’s going to have a rough couple of weeks in the Primaries except for a win in I-Dee-Hoe.

Losing I-Dee-Hoe will really shake up the Clinton campaign………..

On the 15th, the Dems have Florida, Illinois, Missouri, N. Carolina, Ohio = 792 delegates.

Hillary will have approx 1800 and Bernie approx 800.

Bernie would have to win by an 8-1 margin in Wisconsin(96), New York(291), Maryland(118), Pennsylvania(210), Indiana(92), Kentucky(61), Oregon(73), California(546), Washington(118) and New Jersey(142) = 1747.

That simply isn’t going to happen.

Delegate Count

Republicans – Needed to win nomination 1,237

Donald Trump 384
Ted Cruz 300
Marco Rubio 151


Democrats – Needed to win nomination 2,382

Clinton 1,130
Sanders 499

Tue, Mar 8 Michigan (148 delegates)Clinton +13/+29

Tue, Mar 8 Mississippi (41 delegates)Clinton +54



Michigan Democratic Presidential Primary Polling – Monmouth
Clinton 55, Sanders 42

Clinton +13
Michigan Democratic Presidential Primary
Polling – FOX 2 Detroit/Mitchell
Clinton 66, Sanders 29

Clinton +37
New York Democratic Presidential Primary
Polling – Siena
Clinton 55, Sanders 34

Clinton +21
Idaho Democratic Presidential Caucus
Polling – Idaho Politics/Dan Jones
Sanders 47, Clinton 45

Sanders +2

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