The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be



In Washington State, we passed an  initiative in 1998

slowly raising the minimum wage via rate of inflation. Right now, we have the highest minimum wage (State) in the nation.

But again….slowly.


Poor Uncle Moneybags

Poor Uncle Moneybags

The demise of the economy of Washington state following the minimum wage increase is not in evidence:An ADP index that combines both factors shows the Evergreen State far outpacing any other state in growth during the fourth quarter of 2015 compared with the year-earlier period.

Washington earned an index score of 117.9 — topping the national average of 106.8 and other states such as California, 108.7; Texas, 108.8; and New York, 105.4.

“Washington is really overperforming on employment growth,” said Ahu Yildirmaz, head of research for ADP, a payroll services company.

Gosh, you mean that YUGE increase in the minimum wage didn’t kill the economy? Why, some might draw the conclusion that when workers have more money to spend, they spend it. Cannot have that!

Source: *Crickets*

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4 thoughts on “*Crickets*

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Business needs customers who can buy things. Giving more money to people who will spend is accretive to the economy as this shows. A successful capitalist noted on a TedTalk that business leaders do not create jobs – customers create jobs.

  2. We need to move beyond the minimum wage model- at least at the state/federal level. To either a living wage model or a minimum wage set by region.
    Having lived most of my adult life in WA, you can’t tell me that a minimum wage that is fair in Onalaska or Chehalis is fair in Seattle. Or that one in Seattle is fair in Othello. For employees, employers, or their customers.
    I suppose we should celebrate small victories. But until we can discuss and adress the real issues in an honest manner…the injustices and inequalities will continue. And we will continue the divisions that pit rural against urban…

    • At least it was clear that $7.25 federal minimum wage wasn’t fair anywhere in the state.

      • Indeed. But there ARE places in this nation where that is not so bad…
        From WA I moved to HI, then CA- two of the most expensive states in the nation (and moved to the more expensive parts of both those states).
        I still torture myself- go online and look at properties in the Olympia WA area… Acreage, a very nice house, shop and or barm outbuildings…for what I could buy a shy lot with a “fixer upper” (ie- tear down and start over) for here.
        It’s all relative. And skilled workers generally make up in pay, more or less, for the cost of living. It’s the people that keep these communities running that pay the price. And this ignoring the need of a living wage…and honest days pay for an honest days work- that leads to the dysfunction…and the problems, that affect us all…

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