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Oops – ‘Morning Again | Marco Rubio for President’


‘Now aside from the dispirited copy (who writes
this shit?!), the opening shot of
Morning/Mourning in America is actually
Vancouver British Columbia, Canada’.(1)


(1) :

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2 thoughts on “Oops – ‘Morning Again | Marco Rubio for President’

  1. Three things. First, if this is representative of how thorough you will be as President, you failed the test. Second, Vancouver is a great place, but he may want to check his geography as it is not in the US. Third, in ten seconds it already had a second untruth besides the video. Unemployment is down to 4.9%, so it is not true that more people in a America are out of work than ever before. That labor participation rate flaunted by the GOP includes people who are work age eligible but have retired.

  2. Ah yes, Vancouver. The city whose population will explode if the GOP wins the presidency in November…

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