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Poll Watch – 2-16-16

real clear politics1

Saturday, February 20 Nevada caucus (D)

Saturday, February 27 South Carolina (D)

Tuesday, March 1
(Super Tuesday)
American Samoa caucus
Colorado caucus
Minnesota caucus


Tuesday, February 16

South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Polling – PPP (D)

Trump 35, Cruz 18, Rubio 18, Kasich 10, Bush 7, Carson 7

Trump +17
Monday, February 15

South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Polling – SC House GOP

Trump 33, Cruz 14, Rubio 14, Kasich 10, Bush 13, Carson 6

Trump +19
Monday, February 15

South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Polling – Gravis

Trump 37, Cruz 23, Rubio 19, Kasich 6, Bush 9, Carson 6

Trump +14

Sunday, February 14

South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Polling – CBS News/YouGov

Trump 42, Cruz 20, Rubio 15, Kasich 9, Bush 6, Carson 6

Trump +22

Saturday, February 13

South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Polling – ARG

Trump 35, Cruz 12, Rubio 14, Kasich 15, Bush 10, Carson 2

Trump +20

Friday, February 12

South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Polling – Augusta Chronicle

Trump 36, Cruz 20, Rubio 15, Bush 11, Carson 5, Kasich 9,

Trump +16

Wednesday, February 10
Oklahoma(Super Tuesday-March 1) Republican Presidential Primary
Polling (2/6 to 2/9) – The Oklahoman
Trump 30, Cruz 25, Rubio 21, Carson 6, Bush 5, Kasich 3

Trump +5





Tuesday, February 16

South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary Polling – PPP (D)

Clinton 55, Sanders 34

Clinton +21

Monday, February 15

South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary Polling – Gravis

Clinton 59, Sanders 41

Clinton +18

Sunday, February 14

South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary Polling – CBS News/YouGov

Clinton 59, Sanders 40

Clinton +19

Saturday, February 13

South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary
Polling – ARG

Clinton 65, Sanders 27

Clinton +38

Friday, February 12

Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucus Polling – TargetPoint (R)*
*Target Point joined with Washington Free Bacon (the (cough) ‘newspaper’ that proclaimed for the last 7 years that Obama was born in Kenya.
Republicans want Bernie Sanders to win so that every Democrat will have to support and explain Bernie’s wanting to raise everybody’s taxes.
Most media are putting disclaimers on this poll – some – especially right wing and Progressive media outlets aren’t – wanting and hoping you’ll just accept it.
Clinton 45, Sanders 45


Wednesday, February 10
Oklahoma(Super Tuesday-March1) Democratic Presidential Primary
Polling(2/6 to 2/9) – The Oklahoman
Clinton 44, Sanders 28

Clinton +16

Do Young Bernie Sanders Supporters Know Hillary Clinton At All?


Note – Bernie better hope that he never, EVER get’s vetted the way the Clintion’s have.


We’ve all seen the memes with the unflattering, angry-looking photo of Hillary Clinton and an incendiary indictment of her entire career in bold type scrolling up our Facebook feed. The caricature they paint, most of the time, is that of a conniving, greedy, evil person that is beholden to Wall Street.

For many young people, this is the only Hillary Clinton they know.

They have grown up with Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones and all the rest of the right-wing noise machine. All of those “sources” of news are constantly spreading lies and political propaganda with the prime objective of hurting Democrats and any of our allies. Young people may think this is how it has always been and have just incorporated it into their world view. Many have consciously and/or subconsciously absorbed this purely political, manufactured misinformation. It makes it that much easier for them to believe these memes that cast Hillary Clinton as a villain and worthy of scorn.

I posted a section of Hillary Clinton’s closing at one of the debates and one of the young millennials I am “friends” with on Facebook, a former student, commented that it was “cringe worthy and offensive.” His hatred for her has been shaped by his short life filled with innuendo, direct assaults and many 100’s of millions of dollars worth of misinformation about the Clintons over the last 25 years. He would never admit that, I’m sure. He’s way above that. 🙂

I wonder if they know about the Hillary Clinton that shook the world in 1995 with a speech she gave on human/women’s rights in Beijing, China? This New York Times article from 1995 is a must read for ALL people who claim to care about women’s rights and human rights. Here are some key passages…(emphasis is mine)

Speaking more forcefully on human rights than any American dignitary has on Chinese soil, Hillary Rodham Clinton catalogued a devastating litany of abuse that has afflicted women around the world today and criticized China for seeking to limit free and open discussion of women’s issues here.

“It is time for us to say here in Beijing, and the world to hear, that it is no longer acceptable to discuss women’s rights as separate from human rights,” Mrs. Clinton told the Fourth World Conference on Women assembled here.

“It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned, or suffocated, or their spines broken, simply because they are born girls,” Mrs. Clinton said, or “when women and girls are sold into slavery or prostitution for human greed.

“It is a violation of human rights when women are doused with gasoline, set on fire and burned to death because their marriage dowries are deemed too small” she continued, or “when thousands of women are raped in their own communities and when thousands of women are subjected to rape as a tactic or prize of war.”


“Freedom means the right of people to assemble, organize, and debate openly,” Mrs. Clinton admonished her Chinese hosts. “It means respecting the views of those who may disagree with the views of their governments. It means not taking citizens away from their loved ones and jailing them, mistreating them, or denying them their freedom or dignity because of peaceful expression of their ideas and opinions.”


Afterward, Mrs. Clinton said she hoped the Chinese had gotten the message of her speech. “I think it is important that all governments which in any way infringe on human rights know that this conference takes a strong stand and that this conference is trying to move toward the realization of human rights,” she told a news conference.

She said President Clinton’s goal is to remain “engaged” with China in a broad and comprehensive relationship, but added, “we are trying to have an honest relationship.”

“To me, it was important to express how I felt and to do so as clearly as I could,” she said.

So when I talk to a young Bernie supporter who thinks they know who Hillary Clinton is and what she has done with her career in public service, I wonder if they know about the speech Hillary Clinton gave that reverberated around the world.

Women across the entire GLOBE stood up and cheered this courageous, strong woman who stood up for them!

In the age of information, it isn’t hard to find out the truth if you really want to know it. May I suggest Google with a custom time range so you can get past the clutter of all the election/political driven search results.

Go, find the truth!

Source: Do Young Bernie Sanders Supporters Know Hillary Clinton At All?

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