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Poll Watch – 2-14-16

real clear politics1

Saturday, February 20 Nevada caucus (D)

Saturday, February 27 South Carolina (D)

Tuesday, March 1
(Super Tuesday)
American Samoa caucus
Colorado caucus
Minnesota caucus


Sunday, February 14

South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Polling – CBS News/YouGov

Trump 42, Cruz 20, Rubio 15, Kasich 9, Bush 6, Carson 6

Trump +22

Saturday, February 13

South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Polling – ARG

Trump 35, Cruz 12, Rubio 14, Kasich 15, Bush 10, Carson 2

Trump +20
Friday, February 12

South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Polling – Augusta Chronicle

Trump 36, Cruz 20, Rubio 15, Bush 11, Carson 5, Kasich 9,

Trump +16

Wednesday, February 10

Oklahoma(Super Tuesday-March 1) Republican Presidential Primary
Polling (2/6 to 2/9) – The Oklahoman
Trump 30, Cruz 25, Rubio 21, Carson 6, Bush 5, Kasich 3

Trump +5



Sunday, February 14

South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary Polling – CBS News/YouGov

Clinton 59, Sanders 40

Clinton +19

Saturday, February 13

South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary
Polling – ARG

Clinton 65, Sanders 27

Clinton +38

Friday, February 12

Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucus Polling – TargetPoint (R)*
*Target Point joined with Washington Free Bacon (the (cough) ‘newspaper’ that proclaimed for the last 7 years that Obama was born in Kenya.
Republicans want Bernie Sanders to win so that every Democrat will have to support and explain Bernie’s wanting to raise everybody’s taxes.
Most media are putting disclaimers on this poll – some – especially right wing and Progressive media outlets aren’t – wanting and hoping you’ll just accept it.

Clinton 45, Sanders 45


Wednesday, February 10

Oklahoma(Super Tuesday-March1) Democratic Presidential Primary
Polling(2/6 to 2/9) – The Oklahoman
Clinton 44, Sanders 28

Clinton +16

Cats Gone Bad

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Life Is A Box Of Chocolates

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Republicans 2016 – ‘Reaction to the Republican Debate’


Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American

‘One final thought: The audience was an
abomination. Letting them hoot and holler after
every answer made the debate feel like it was
taking place in a Roman coliseum. It was a total
embarrassment for the Republican party’.

Not surprising. This has been and still is a

‘If Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination, the
Republican party as we know it is over’.

Trump –
‘In tonight’s debate, Trump blamed George W.
Bush for 9/11 happening on his watch and
confirmed that he would have impeached him for
invading Iraq. Polls show that both George W.
Bush and the Iraq war are still very popular
with Republicans’.

JEB! –
‘Jeb Bush was high energy tonight and took every
swing he could at Trump. He was fighting like it
was his last chance. He even took shots at John
Kasich. If this version of Bush had been running
for the last year, it might be a very different
race today. It was his strongest debate by far’.

Ted ‘Dirty Tricks’ Cruz –
‘ Cruz attacked Trump hard, but Trump won. Cruz
also went after Marco Rubio hard on immigration
but didn’t win that exchange either. Perhaps
Cruz was thrown off his game at the very
beginning when John Dickerson corrected him on
facts about Supreme Court nominations’.

The Kid –
‘Rubio was better tonight than the last debate —
a low bar, of course — but he still talks on
1.5X speed. It makes him sound like… yes, a

‘Kasich is getting better at these debates but
unless he has a stronger finish in South
Carolina, it’s hard to see where he goes. He
seems like a nice guy but he’s simply out of
step with his party on too many issues’.

Dr. Dumb Ass –
‘Ben Carson needs to end his campaign now. He
adds nothing to these debates with his repeated
call outs for his website’.

From :

Hypocrite – “We The People….” – Scratch That – “We The Republican People….” – ‘McConnell: Don’t replace Scalia until after election’



‘Mitch McConnell Voted To Confirm A Supreme Court Justice In Reagan’s Final Year'(2)

“On Feb. 3, 1988, McConnell and literally every other GOP senator voted to confirm Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. This was during President Ronald Reagan’s last year in the White House, and at a time when Democrats controlled the Senate”.


McConnell –

“The American people‎ should have a voice in the
selection of their next Supreme Court Justice.
Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled
until we have a new President.”(1)

Dear Mitch,

Americans DO have a voice.

It’s called elections.

You have a majority in the Senate.

Are you so afraid of the reaction of the
American people if you (Republicans) should
start blocking nominee after nominee from the

But by all means.

Let’s wait a full year to fill the seat.

After all….Republicans are the Party Of No.

Why, why can’t we have a functioning Government?



(1) :

(2) :

Debunking Rerpublican Lies – ‘Judiciary chair: ‘Standard practice’ to not confirm SCOTUS nominee in election year’



‘It is “standard practice” to not confirm
nominations to the Supreme Court in an election
year, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck
Grassley (R-Iowa) said Saturday’.


1988 – An election year…….

‘President Ronald Reagan nominated Anthony
Kennedy to the court on Nov.30, 1987. He was
confirmed in a 97-0 vote on Feb. 3, 1988.
Grassley was one of the 97 votes in favor of

From :

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