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Poll Watch – 2-11-16

real clear politics1

Saturday, February 20 Nevada caucus (D)

Saturday, February 27 South Carolina (D)

Tuesday, March 1
(Super Tuesday)
American Samoa caucus
Colorado caucus
Minnesota caucus


Wednesday, February 10
Oklahoma(Super Tuesday-March 1) Republican Presidential Primary
Polling (2/6 to 2/9) – The Oklahoman
Trump 30, Cruz 25, Rubio 21, Carson 6, Bush 5, Kasich 3

Trump +5

Who could imagine that in a State right next to Texas and Ted ‘Dirty Tricks’ Cruz, a city slicker like Donald Trump would be leading the Republican race?



Wednesday, February 10
Oklahoma(Super Tuesday-March1) Democratic Presidential Primary
Polling(2/6 to 2/9) – The Oklahoman
Clinton 44, Sanders 28

Clinton +16

Bernie’s Big Lie – ‘Why Americans Can’t Have Universal Healthcare Like Europeans’


‘It is curious that few Americans wonder why Republicans are pouring no small amount of super PAC money into ads attacking Hillary Clinton using rhetoric lifted directly from the Sander’s campaign’.

‘They want an election pitting a Republican, almost any Republican, against a candidate pledging to raise taxes substantially on everyone’.

‘False charms of Sanders’ single-payer'(2)

‘One cannot comprehend how nearly half of the population living in poverty and barely making it and then saddled with a 20 percent tax bill will embrace being poorer to have basic healthcare when they will be unable to eat or pay rent’

‘Americans are not interested in paying significantly higher income taxes to have ‘government-provided’ healthcare’.

‘National health insurance, or single payer, is a dream for many Americans, but if they actually comprehended what it will cost them, and the rest of the taxpayers, they may pause and reconsider’.

‘For example, Britain has a relatively well-regarded universal healthcare system that every citizen pays for through national income tax’.

‘The tax rate for income tax and National Health Insurance in the United Kingdom (England) in 2015-16 for all citizens earning between zero and £31,785, considered basic-rate (flat rate) taxpayers, is a whopping 20 percent of their entire income’.

‘It is a full 15 percent more than America’s middle class tax rate’.

‘And would entail a 20 percent tax hike for 45 percent of Americans who pay nothing now’.


Of course that’s assuming you wanted to actually have the program fully funded.

‘The Fiscal Times: Sanders’ Single-Payer Plan Would Add Up To $14 Trillion To The Debt'(3)

‘CNN Money: Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Pay For Health Care Falls Short By Trillions, Says One Analysis’(3)

Bernie Sanders: ‘We Will Raise Taxes. Yes, We Will’(4)


‘For a comparison, and one reason why many Democrats are reticent to go all-in to support enactment of single-payer in America’,

‘In 2015, 45 percent of Americans with earned income paid zero income tax’.

‘One cannot comprehend how nearly half of the population living in poverty and barely making it and then saddled with a 20 percent tax bill will embrace being poorer to have basic healthcare when they will be unable to eat or pay rent’.

‘What is even more laughable is imagining a Democrat, any Democrat, submitting a bill in any House or Senate committee to raise taxes on the poor by 20 percent, raise middle class taxes by 35 percent, and saddle the wealthy elite with a 20 percent tax hike’.


‘Democrats Reject Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Raise Taxes’(5)


Now imagine the Republican majority House laughing like banshees at whichever Democrat proposes epic tax hikes on all Americans; especially when Republicans pledge to cut taxes as is their base’s demand’.(1)


(1) :

(2) :

Republicans Stopping Out Voter Fraud! – ‘She’s 86. She can’t get a photo ID. Look at the voter fraud we’ve prevented’

vote fraud

This was close.
If she was a resident of a State where Democrats
governed – she would have slid right under the
radar and been able to vote.

Thank goodness for Republicans stopping this
sort of fraud!!


‘Reba Bowser seems like the kind of person North
Carolina Republicans might want on their side
this November.

‘She’s 86 years old. She’s a staunch Republican.
She’s been a faithful voter since the Eisenhower
administration, missing only the most recent
election after moving from New Hampshire to
western North Carolina to be close to her son’s

‘So this month, with the North Carolina primary
approaching, Reba wanted to make sure she could
vote again. She needed to register, and she
needed a valid photo ID, because beginning this
year, North Carolina is requiring one to vote’.

‘On Monday, they went to the Department of Motor
Vehicles in west Asheville. There, they laid out
all of Reba’s paperwork for a DMV official – her
birth record from Pennsylvania, her Social
Security card, the New Hampshire driver’s
license she let expire because she no longer
wanted to drive’.

‘But there was a problem’.

‘When Reba got married
in 1950, she had her name legally changed. Like
millions upon millions of women, she swapped out
her middle name for her maiden name’.

‘That name – Reba Miller Bowser – didn’t match
the name on her birth record. A DMV computer
flagged the discrepancy. Her photo ID
application was rejected’.

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