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Cats and Boxes



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Hillary 2016 – ‘Hillary Clinton’s FULL Speech in New Hampshire After Loss to Bernie Sanders’


Progressive Headline Of The Day – Why Liberals Lose – ‘Hillary’s Desperate And Divisive Campaign Continues To Destroy Democratic Party Unity’




If this reminds you of what Republicans say
about Obama – why yes it does.

See….Obama is the ‘Desperate And Divisive’
one……not republicans…….

The message in short is – If you’re a successful
woman and you support Hillary – then you are


-by Dorothy Reik, President, Progressive
Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains

‘In Gloria’s life we have an example of doing
well by doing, mostly, good. Being a feminist
has made her very, very “comfortable,” if not
very, very rich. She is happily hunkered down in
an East Side Manhattan brownstone duplex
apartment which she bought years ago and which
is now worth millions. She’s a prolific writer–
ten or so books and many, many articles. Her new
book details her worldly travels– much like a
rock star’!

‘But Madeleine Albright, a former member of the
Board of Directors of the New York Stock
Exchange, a partner with George Soros and Baron
Jacob Rothschild IV in an African venture and
the owner of a personal jewelry collection that
exhibitied at the Museum of Art and Design,
makes Gloria look like a pauper! Wikipedia

‘In 2001, Albright was elected a Fellow of the
American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The same
year, she founded the Albright Group, an
international strategy consulting firm based in
Washington, D.C.It has Coca-Cola, Merck, Dubai
Ports World, and Marsh & McLennan Companies
among its clients, who benefit from the access
that Albright has through her global contacts.
Affiliated with the firm is Albright Capital
Management, which was founded in 2005 to engage
in private fund management related to emerging

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