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Poll Watch – 2-5-16

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If Sanders drops below 50, he is so screwed.
Ignore the actual numbers and follow the trends………

UMass/7 News Daily Tracking

Friday – Sanders +15
Sanders 54
Clinton 39
Thursday – Sanders + 22
Sanders 58
Clinton 36
Wednesday – Sanders + 29
Sanders 61
Clinton 32
Tuesday – Sanders + 33
Sanders 63
Clinton 30
Monday – Sanders +31
Sanders 61
Clinton 30



UMass/7 News Daily Tracking

Friday – Trump +19
Trump 34
Rubio 15
Cruz 14
Bush 8
Christie 5
Thursday – Trump +21
Trump 36
Rubio 15
Cruz 14
Bush 8
Christie 5
Wednesday – Trump +24
Trump 38
Rubio 12
Cruz 14
Bush 9
Christie 6
Tuesday – Trump +24
Trump 38
Rubio 10
Cruz 14
Bush 9
Christie 5
Monday – Trump +26
Trump 38
Rubio 8
Cruz 12
Bush 9
Christie 7

FUN FRIDAY!!!! – ”Anti-Donald Trump website created where you can blow a horn right in his face’

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Point and left click……

A Liberal Vision Of America – ‘Hillary Clinton came out swinging at the Democratic debate: ‘I am not making promises that I cannot keep’

‘Right off the bat on Thursday night, Hillary Clinton attacked US Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) during their first one-on-one debate of the presidential race’.

‘Clinton first took shots at Sanders at the debate’s opening, saying that the senator was wrong to promise changes that had little chance of passing through Congress’.

“I am not making promises that I cannot keep,” Clinton said in her opening statement at the Durham, New Hampshire, debate’.

‘Clinton reiterated that she opposed several of Sanders’ plans, including one to replace the Affordable Care Act and his plan to make colleges tuition-free’.

“We have a difference. I believe in affordable college, but I don’t believe in free college,” Clinton said. “I believe that middle-class kids, not just Donald Trump’s kids, get to afford college.”

‘She added’:

“The numbers just don’t add up from what Sen. Sanders has been proposing”.

“That’s why all of the independent experts, all of the editorial boards that have vetted both of us have concluded that it is just not achievable”.

“Let’s go down a path where we tell people what we actually will do. A progressive is someone who makes progress”.

‘Clinton later took a jab at Sanders’ definition of progressive values’.

  • ‘She noted that US President Barack Obama has also taken donations from Wall Street, as her campaign has’.
  • ‘She noted that US Vice President Joe Biden supported the Keystone XL Pipeline, as Sanders has blasted her for doing’.
  • ‘And she noted that local Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-New Hampshire) supported the Pacific trade pact over which Sanders has also criticized her’.

“Who’s left in the progressive wing of the Democratic Party?” she asked’.

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Blog Running – ‘blogroll amnesty day is here again’!!!



From the great people over at Skippy The Bush Kangaroo….

we are reminded by our good friend batocchio to remember that this is the 8th anniversary of the original and the 9th year of commemorating the traditional al weisel/jon swift memorial blogroll amnesty day memorium and celebration.

an explanation of the history and motivations behind this celebration can be found here. the rules, set out by blue gal, are here. ego satisfaction in the form of a meme-orandum post when this tradition was really taking off can be found here.

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short version: blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase) only works if we support each other (no, it’s not very libertarian of us, thanks for noticing). so it behooves us all, even if we don’t have hooves, to give attention in the form of linkage to our favorite blogs that don’t get as much traffic as our own (paying it downward, as it were).

blogroll amnesty day will be celebrated here all weekend long. so please feel free to email us with any and all posts about b.a.d. and we will happily link to them.

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and we’d be remiss without thanking

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(existential shout out to former first draftian holden caufield, who used to blog here at skippy’s, and now no longer appears on the internet anywhere ever, by his own choice… how j.d. salinger of him!)
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and of course, our one and only cookie jill

remember, blogging is like herd immunity. it doesn’t work unless we all participate!


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