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Bashing Hillary – Why Liberals Lose – ‘On To New Hampshire– And Another Reason Hillary Should Drop Out And Endorse Bernie’


Republicans govern by emotions.
They are less connected to their emotions, less empathic but use their emotions to translate what they feel to laws that everyone should feel/behave/think like them.

Democrats govern by reason.
Everyone should be entitled to health care but that can’t pass so Obamacare, Medicaid, CHIP, etc.
The minimum wage should be $15 an hour but that can’t be passed to FMLA, 40 hour work week, overtime, working conditions, etc.

The Republicans have the tea baggers, their emotional child and the Democrats have the Progressives, our emotional child.

The headline above is from a popular Progress web site – Down With Tyranny.

They actually believe that Hillary should drop out of the race because in 2001, she voted for legislation on changing the bankruptcy laws.

Legislation that didn’t pass.

Legislation that 35 other Democrats voted with Hillary.

Democrats like Wyden of Oregon, Schumer of New York, Reid of Nevada, Feinstein of California, Leahy of Vermont, Daschle of S. Dakota, Cantwell of Wahington and Byrd of W. Virgina to name a few.

But of course none of the above Democrats are running for President.

But the Progressives want Hillary, because she voted for a piece of legislation along with 35 other Democrats, legislation that didn’t pass, they want her to drop out of the race.

Disagreeing with one another is one thing.

Bashing Hillary to the point where saying she should drop out of the race? Endorse Bernie?

Thank you Progressives for doing the dirty work that usually Republicans do.

Something to think about …. “You understand Palin-ese? “!!

Source: Something to think about …. “You understand Palin-ese? “!!


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The Day in a Picture

I wonder how long it took FOX to figure that out?

I wonder how long it took FOX to figure that out?

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