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Breeding Absolute Power – ‘Republicans In Full Meltdown As Donald Trump Bails On Fox News Debate’



‘The Fox press release stated’,

“We learned from
a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and
Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly
when they meet with him if he becomes president
— a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his
own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his
Twitter followers to see if he should even go to
those meetings.”

‘Trump held a press conference in Iowa and hit
the roof’.

‘According to The Hill’:

“Most likely I’m not going to do the debate,”
Trump said. “I didn’t like the fact that they
sent out press releases toying, talking about
Putin and playing games. I don’t know what games
Roger Ailes is playing or what’s wrong over
there. But when they sent out that press release
talking about it – I said what are these people,
playing games? So most likely I won’t be doing
the debate.”

‘Trump said he had told Fox that he’d do the
debate if they donated the proceeds to Wounded
Warriors, and so instead on Thursday night,
he’ll hold his own event simultaneously that
will raise money for the group’.

‘On her show, Megyn Kelly told Trump that he
doesn’t get to control the media’,

“While he’s made his position clear about me,
after that first debate, Roger Ailes made his
position clear, too. When Trump started it up
again this past Saturday and resumed it again
and again and again, he was told repeatedly our
debate team is settled and then came that
Instagram video he put out today. Trump is not
used to not controlling things as the chief
executive of a large organization. But the truth
is, he doesn’t get to control the media.”

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Breeding Crazy AND Stupid – ‘FL Hearing Goes FULL RACIST: We Must Ban Abortion To Save ‘White Culture’

war on women5


‘The scary part of this is the fact that the
bill passed the committee with a whopping 8-3


‘So, in other words, Florida is about to go back
to the desperation of the pre- Roe v. Wade
days,when women were dying in back alley chop
shops and from self-administered coat hanger

‘Florida Republicans have sponsored a bill that
would literally ban all abortions except in
cases where the woman’s health and/or life is
threatened by the pregnancy’.

‘If passed, the bill, HB 865, would make sure
any and all abortion providers would spend up to
30 years in prison for defying the law’.

‘As if that weren’t bad enough, the hearing for
the bill featured a horrible racist by the name
of Paul, who said that “white culture” was under
threat due to legal abortion’.

‘The legislators in the chamber allowed this man
to go on an absolutely racist rant, in which he
said, in part’:

“We see the destruction we’re bringing upon
ourself as a nation. The Muslims, they don’t
kill the babies.”

“Their race is through the breeding of having
families, children. And what happens is once you
see the condition we’re in, we’re destroying
ourselves and destroying our families, we’ve
accepted something in this country that the
Creator — that we’re going to pay for.”

“You don’t see us as a culture, as a white
culture, pushing this agenda of abortion, women
outside the home not having babies, everybody
getting more and more and more? We’re a sick
nation and if we don’t repent then the people
leading our government, you are legislating
morality by the laws you pass.”

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Meanwhile Back At The Ranch – ‘Authorities seal off Oregon refuge after leaders of occupation arrested. 1 killed in gunfire’




This is what needs to be done to so called
‘patriots’ that think they have a right to take
the law into their own hands.

You don’t ‘occupy’ buildings owned by the pubic
and claim you will decide how they will be

That’s why we have elections to decide.

‘After an exchange of gunfire Tuesday that left
one man dead and another injured, the two
brothers who orchestrated the armed occupation
of a remote central Oregon wildlife refuge were
taken into custody while traveling outside the
area, along with six of their followers’.

‘Other participants in the siege remained at the
refuge, even as they received word that their de
facto spokesman, LaVoy Finicum, had been killed
in the confrontation with police and that eight
other occupiers were either arrested or had
turned themselves in’.

‘Gary Hunt, a board member of a militia network
known as Operation Mutual Defense who arrived
Sunday from California to support the occupiers,
told the Oregonian that those still in the
compound “have decided they’re going to hold
their ground.”

‘So the stalemate persisted. Then, on Tuesday
afternoon, the Bundys and several other
occupiers reportedly left the refuge to attend a
community meeting 100 miles away in John Day,
Ore. About halfway to their destination,the FBI
and the Oregon State Police ordered them to

‘Authorities did not describe what happened
next, though the Oregonian reported that Ryan
Bundy and Finicum resisted orders to surrender.
Ultimately, gunfire broke out’.

‘Arianna Finicum Brown, the daughter of LaVoy
Finicum, the de facto spokesman, told the
Oregonian on Tuesday that her father was the man
killed during the exchange of gunfire’.

“My dad was such a good, good man, through and
through,” Brown told the Oregon paper. “He would
never ever want to hurt somebody, but he does
believe in defending freedom and he knew the
risks involved.”


‘The 54-year-old rancher from Cane Beds, Ariz.,
had previously told NBC News that he’d rather
die than be arrested’.

“It needs to be very clear that these buildings
will never, ever return to the federal
government,” he said at the time, a white cowboy
hat perched atop his head, a Colt .45 pistol
holstered at his hip’.

‘But Jason Patrick, an occupier who remained at
the Malheur refuge Tuesday night, told The
Washington Post that the arrests don’t change
his group’s demands’.

“Right now, we’re doing fine,” he told The Post
by phone. “We’re just trying to figure out how a
dead cowboy who illegally occupied a public building and then resisted arrest equals peaceful resolution.”

Yes…….These people ARE that stupid.

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W…..T…..F….?? – A Republican America – ‘Kansas Republicans Try To Add ‘Gun Dealers’ To List Of Protected Classes Like Race And Gender’

gun shootings


‘In a new bill, astounding in its sheer audacity, Republicans want to “ban discrimination” against gun dealers and manufacturers. In short, they wish to make the sellers of firearms a protected class like those of race, gender and religion’.

‘As the Wichita Eagle reports’:

“The bill, titled the Kansas Firearms Industry Nondiscrimination Act, is scheduled for a Thursday hearing by the Senate Committee on Federal and State Affairs”.


“The proposal would function similarly to laws that prevent religious or racial discrimination and allow gun dealers to sue in cases where they felt discriminated against”.

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