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“All it takes is one idiot with a gun……” – ‘Oops: Ammosexual Playing With Gun During Benghazi Movie Shoots Woman’


Armed citizens….’protect’ us…..

‘In case it’s not obvious from the title, the film was created in hopes of drawing in a crowd of delusional right-wing nuts, whose hatred for Hillary Clinton is only surpassed by their passionate love for firearms. In that respect, at least, the film seems to have done what it set out to do’.

‘To illustrate the point, on January 21, as the Benghazi film flickered on the screen, a drunken ammosexual playing with his substitute penis handgun while seated in The Landing Cinema in Renton, Washington, ‘accidentally’ shot the woman sitting in front of him’.

‘The victim was rushed to Harborview Medical Center, where she was listed in critical condition’.

‘The unidentified 29-year-old shooter ran out of the building, likely fearing a theater jammed full of ‘good guys with guns,’ locked, loaded and ready to fire at anything moving in the darkened cinema’.

‘The shooter’s father later turned him into the police. He was arrested at his family’s home in Newcastle’.

‘Considering how badly this incident might have turned out, the fact that only one person was shot, and no one was killed, seems almost fortunate’.

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But There Is NO War On Woman…..Is There? – ‘Christian Conservative State Bans Women From Testifying In Court Unless They Obey ‘Modesty’


war on women7

‘A Christian Conservative lawmaker in Kansas has used his position as a Senate Committee chairman to enforce a dress code for female witnesses in courts’.

‘The rules govern skirt length and cleavage allowance’.

‘There are no equivalent rules for men’.

war on women5

‘Sen. Mitch Holmes is the Republican chairman of the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee in Kansas, and has included his new rules in an 11-point code of conduct’.

‘He argues that women in court, and in the Senate, dress provocatively to distract men – and he wants to bring an end to this’.

‘Women will not be permitted to give testimony if they do not abide by the rules’.

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Breeding Hate – ‘Trump retweets support from neo-Nazi ‘White Genocide’ account’


Trump in hat - Make America White Again

So Presidential…….

‘Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump quoted and linked to an openly neo-Nazi Twitter account on Friday’.

‘Trump’s tweet can be seen above’.

‘The account, which Trump featured on his personal Twitter page, is littered with neo-Nazi content’.

‘In the user’s profile, there is a link to a website for an admiring documentary describing Adolf Hitler as “a god.”

‘The tweet pinned at the top of the @WhiteGenocideTM account includes images of people identified as Jews covered with the common white supremacist slur “mud” and yellow Stars of David used during the Holocaust’.

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