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The Day in Donald Trump

Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American

"Over there means - YOUR sons and daughters".

“Over there means – YOUR sons and daughters”.

The Official Donald Trump Jam

“Answer freedoms call…..”

From the man who had 5 draft deferrments in the 70’s

The Day in Politics – ‘ANALYSIS: Republican Debate Shows What Donald Trump Has Already Won’


Now trust me I WANT Donald Trump to be the
Republican nominee.
My biggest fear now is Sander’s eroding what could
have been a huge Democrat landslide into maybe
even becoming the Democratic nominee.

Trump with his outrageous hate filled sound bits –
which the media refuses to fact check or call him
out on – will C-R-U-S-H Bernie.


Socialist Democrat.

You will not be able to turn on a radio, a TV,
read a newspaper or troll the net without seeing
those two words.

Trump wins.

The Democrats won’t take back the Senate because
instead of Republicans having to defend Trump’s
words – Democrats will have to defend Sander’s.


Donald Trump – “We have to stop with political


‘But the first GOP debate of 2016 revealed the
extent to which Trump has already won’.

‘The slow-starting evening focused, for a change,
on candidates not named Trump. It seemed to
involve fewer than even the smallest-of-the-cycle
debate field of seven’.

‘Yet when the candidates engaged with each other,
they did so on terms Trump set. His chief rival in
Iowa forced to respond to spurious doubts Trump
has raised about whether Ted Cruz is even eligible
to be president’.

‘But the fact that that Cruz answered those
questions at all was a testament to Trump’s
ability to dominate the conversation in the race,
as he’s done from virtually the moment he entered
the race. Talking about Cruz’s birth was Trump’s

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‘Did Neil Cavuto Just Blame Obama For The Bush
Financial Crisis’?

This is a stupid ‘duh’ question.
The recession didn’t start until the day Obama
took office – every Republican knows that.

‘Referencing a dip in the stock market to start
2015, Cavuto asked Ohio Gov. John Kaish about how
he would manage a financial crisis’.

“Investors have already lost $1.6 trillion in
market value. That makes it the worst start to a
new year ever. Many worry things will get even
worse, banks and financial stocks are particularly
vulnerable,” Cavuto said. “If this escalates like
it did back when Barack Obama first assumed the
presidency, what actions would you take, if the
same thing happens all over again just as in this
example you are taking over the presidency?”

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HATE – Living In A Donald Trump America – ‘Australian Muslim MP ‘interrogated’ at LAX about how she got Australian passport’

Trump in hat - Make America White Again

‘Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi said she and her husband were subjected to racial profiling at Los Angeles airport when they were asked “how they got” their Australian passports’.




‘Currently visiting the United States on a drug law reform fact-finding trip, which she says is self-funded, Dr Faruqi, who is Australia’s first female Muslim MP, tweeted the following this morning after arriving at LAX’:

‘In a statement issued on Friday, Dr Faruqi said she and her husband were “asked how ‘we got’ Australian passports and then about my Pakistani history”, which she said pointed to racial profiling’.

“It is quite ridiculous, nerve wracking and scary to be treated so suspiciously for no reason and sent off to be interrogated,” she said in the statement’.

“There is no excuse for treating people this way’.

“I’ve come to the US to find out more about drugs policy reform and to meet family’.

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The Day in Military Industrial Complex ‘New Navy Ships Have Trouble Surviving the High Seas’


Now remember…it’s poor people that are costing America so much……..

“The entire ship class requires reinforcing structure” to bridge the twin hulls of the all-aluminum catamarans because of a design change that the Navy adopted at Austal’s recommendation for the $2.1 billion fleet of Expeditionary Fast Transports, Michael Gilmore, the Defense Department’s director of operational test and evaluation, said in a report to Congress”.

‘The Navy bought 10 of the shallow-draft vessels, at about $217 million each’.

‘Five have been delivered and are in operation, while the other five are under construction at Austal’s Mobile, Alabama, shipyard’.

‘Senator Richard Shelby, Republican of Alabama, is a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, which added $225 million for an 11th vessel to the fiscal 2016 defense spending bill last month’.

‘So far, the Navy has spent almost $2.4 million strengthening the bow of the first four vessels delivered since late 2012’.

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The Day in Debunking Republican Lies ‘Sorry Conservatives, Obamacare Isn’t Killing Jobs; In Fact, The Private Sector Is SOARING’


This is what Republicans have voted in the House 62 times, to defund, delay or repeal expanded health care that doesn’t hurt jobs.

“But whenever this or related topics come up, I hear from conservatives who insist that the data is deceptive because most of the new jobs are part-time, not full-time,” Maddow blog’s Steve Benen notes. “This pesky detail makes the seemingly good news appear far more discouraging.” This would, of course, be heavily disconcerting, he notes — if it were true. Vox’s Sarah Kliff reported on Monday that the “part-time” theory is complete and utter bullsh*t:

“[N]ew research in the journal Health Affairs suggests they weren’t the norm: The data shows no national trend toward more part-time employment under the Affordable Care Act – even if you drill into the type of people you’d expect to get hit hardest”.


‘Is Obamacare hurting the economy or the job market’?

‘All signs point to no — but that won’t stop Republicans from trying to figure out a way’.

‘Or, of course, they might just make some stuff up. They’re good at that’.

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The Day in Debunking Republican Lies ‘This Republican Says Only ‘One Or Two’ People Were Helped By Obamacare’


"If you have Liberty......You don't need health care or insurance!"

“If you have Liberty……You don’t need health care or insurance!”

"Just one....or two were helped....."

“Just one….or two were helped…..”

‘Rep. Scott Garrett of New Jersey, a staunch member of the GOP, joined Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council for a little sit down chat on January 12th, 2016’.

‘In fact, 17 million Americans have gained health insurance coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Via Mother Jones’.

If I were him, and what he would do, is probably pull out the one or two people in the country who didn’t have health insurance before and say, ‘Look, so and so here has it now and he didn’t have it then, and so and so didn’t have it before and now he has it then [sic],’” he said. “But the question is: Was Obamacare the best way to provide health insurance to those few people who did not have it before at the same time that millions of Americans suffered under the results of it?”

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The Day in Massive Stupid – ‘A Powerball Reimbursement Go Fund Me Page Has Been Created’


This is the perfect example of an idiot’s ‘get rich quick’ plan.

I ‘lost’ all my money buying lottery tickets so now I can’t afford to go home.

Come on America – let’s fund an idiot.

‘A woman by the name of Cinnamon Nicole from Cordova, TN has raised a little more than $800 in seven hours via her Powerball Reimbursement Go Fund Me page’.

‘Nicole alleges to have spent all of her money on purchasing tickets with the assumption she would win the $1.6 billion jackpot, but soon realized the winning tickets were sold in Los Angeles, Florida and Tennessee suburbs’.

‘Despite the chances of anyone winning the jackpot being 1 in 292.2 million, Nicole still decided to go big, and unfortunately now can’t go home because she allegedly doesn’t have any money’.

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The Day in Republican Stupid ‘Allen West: Sailors should have fought Iran’



Now remember……the boats had ‘strayed’ into Iran’s waters……

But no. Let’s go to war, start shooting over absolutely nothing more then a small infringement.

Allen West wanted 10 dead Americans so that he and Republicans could have an excuse to go to war……..

‘Former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) is criticizing the 10 American sailors detained by the Iranian military, saying they should have resisted arrest’.

“The result of two U.S. Navy vessels being boarded and seized by an enemy — which is what the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy is — is disturbing,” he wrote on his blog’.

“The images and video they took depicting our soldiers on their knees in the position of surrender is damning,” West continued. “This, folks, is an act of war, and our soldiers were captured. Our honor calls upon us to fight, to resist, not surrender”.

“The ramifications of not doing so means our honor is now being mocked and we’re seen as nothing more than cowards on our knees. Say what you wish, but that’s the perception in the Middle East, especially to our enemies.”

‘West also questioned the response protocol followed by the sailors during their encounter with Iranian forces’.

“I also find it perplexing to be told that the engines of the boats malfunctioned,” said West, a retired Army liuetenant colonel who served during the Persian Gulf and Iraq wars’.

“If that were the case, an immediate call should have been made and at least, aerial surveillance and support should have been dispatched,” he continued’.

“Regardless of one or two boat engines malfunctioning, what should have happened after a distress call was all hands on deck manning the boat weapons,” West added’.

“They should have been in an immediate defensive posture to secure themselves until recovery was complete — or they were back underway.”

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