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The Day in Politics

obamas fault1

‘Bill lets businesses refuse services to gay couples in Georgia’

Ahhhhhh. Brings back memories of the bigots refusing to marry mixed races, let Blacks into white schools, allow voting without a poll tax.

‘Florists, bakers or any other private business owner could refuse service to gay couples getting married in Georgia, under legislation filed Wednesday’.
‘House Bill 756 would allow business owners to cite religious beliefs in refusing goods or services for a “matrimonial ceremony”

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‘The presidential debate commission is getting ready for a serious 3rd party candidate’

And my well reasoned response to this :

Give me a frickin break. This is just some hack journalists writing a story because his boss needs a story.
There is absolutely no credible third party candidate.
Sanders would garner at best 20%.
What you say?
If he were to run as an independent or worse as the Democratic nominee, the Republican will hammer and I do mean H-A-M-M-E-R the air ways with ‘SOCIALIST democrat ALL SUMMER AND ALL FALL.
20% is being generous as an independent.
40% at best as a Democrat.

Trump? Third Party?
He would keep getting all the free press but when it comes to voting – maybe 15% as an independent.
35% as the Republican nominee.
Hate is not a policy and gets real thin real fast when looked at hard.

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‘Ted Cruz Didn’t Report Goldman Sachs Loan in a Senate Race’

OK. This only matters to the FEC – if they even bother – and to Democrats.
There is not one single Republican who could care less.

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‘Editorial: Repeal and replace … with what’?

Now THIS is an actual news story.
Show of hands as to who thinks even one so called news agency will pick it up?

Yeah. Great editorial.
But actual legislation that affects real middle class Americans just is ‘news worthy’.
No spark.

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