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The Greatest Country On Earth – ‘ECONOMY Half of America Is in or Damn Near Close to Living in Poverty’




‘Congress should be filled with guilt — and shame — for failing to deal with the enormous wealth disparities that are turning our country into the equivalent of a 3rd-world nation’.

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‘Half of Americans Make Less than a Living Wage’

‘According to the Social Security Administration, over half of Americans make less than $30,000 per year’.

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‘That’s less than an appropriate average living wage of $16.87 per hour, as calculated by Alliance for a Just Society (AJS), and it’s not enough — even with two full-time workers — to attain an “adequate but modest living standard” for a family of four, which at the median is over $60,000, according to the Economic Policy Institute’.

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‘AJS also found that there are 7 job seekers for every job opening that pays enough ($15/hr) for a single adult to make ends meet’.

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The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats – ’44 Percent Of Democrats Support Taking Refugees From A Fictional Country’


So…..what Lauren is so excited to point out is that 44% of Democrats would support allowing refugees from a fictional country into the US.

In short…..Democrats want to bring refugees here.

Republicans want to bomb them over there.

Press Contact:
Lauren Luxenburg

Washington, DC –

‘Public Policy Polling, which is known for adding questions in surveys to exploit Republicans who are less informed, recently found that 30% of Republican voters would support bombing Agrabah, a fictional country in the Disney film Aladdin’.

‘On December 20, 2015, WPA Research fielded a national survey of 1,132 registered voters that found 44% of Democrats would support taking refugees from that same Agrabah’.

‘PPP may have proven that some Republicans will support bombing a fictional country, but fully 44% of Democrats will allow refugees from anywhere into the country, whether they are potential ISIS supporters from Syria or potential cartoon characters on a magic carpet ride’.

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Around The Web – ‘Ted Nugent…..There is no Racism in the Republican Party’


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