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Music – 81-year-old guitarist stuns shop staff Bob Wood


81-year-old guitarist stuns shop staff
Bob Wood visited British Audio Service in Nashville in October 2014 hoping to get his amps repaired. Once everything was fixed and ready to use, Bob decided to try them out in store. The staff were blown away by Bob’s skill on the guitar considering his advanced age, and the Internet was suitably impressed too.

Cats Gone Bad

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Synchronized Dog Tail Wagging

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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

Don’t Be Afraid



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Life Is A Box Of Chocolates

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Republicans Support ‘Operation Wetback’…Donald Trump’s Plan To Deport 11 Million

Trump in hat - Make America White Again

‘The Trump Way on Immigration Suits Republicans, Poll

“Republicans need to make gains with Hispanic voters in
2016, but that reality is complicated by the fact that more
adults support Donald Trump’s hard-line stance on
immigration, a new Economist Group/YouGov Poll finds”.

“A whopping 49 percent of Republicans and independents who
lean to the GOP say Trump is the presidential candidate who
can best handle the issue”.(1)



Operation Wetback 1954

Go to the 9:40 mark for what Donald Trump touts as ‘humane’ :


‘In Mexicali, Mexico, temperatures can reach 125 degrees as heat envelops an arid desert. Without a body of water nearby to moderate the climate, the heavy sun is relentless — and deadly’.

‘During the summer of 1955, this is where hundreds of thousands of Mexicans were “dumped” after being discovered as migrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally. Unloaded from buses and trucks carrying several times their capacity, the deportees stumbled into the Mexicali streets with few possessions and no way of getting home’.

‘This was strategic: the more obscure the destination within the Mexican interior, the less opportunities they would have to return to America. But the tactic also proved to be dangerous, as the migrants were left without resources to survive’.

‘After one such round-up and transfer in July, 88 people died from heat stroke’.

‘At another drop-off point in Nuevo Laredo, the migrants were “brought like cows” into the desert’.

‘Among the over 25 percent who were transported by boat from Port Isabel, Texas, to the Mexican Gulf Coast, many shared cramped quarters in vessels resembling an “eighteenth century slave ship” and “penal hell ship.”

‘These deportation procedures, detailed by historian Mae M. Ngai, were not anomalies. They were the essential framework of Operation Wetback — a concerted immigration law enforcement effort implemented by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954 — and the deportation model that Donald Trump says he intends to follow‘.(2)

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