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Republican Personal Responsibility – ‘Ben Carson is done answering questions about his life story’

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ben carson 1

‘Carson recounts time he was held at gunpoint’

‘Ben Carson on Oregon Shooting: “I Would Not Just Stand There and Let Him Shoot Me”

MILWAUKEE — ‘Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is ready to tell people who ask questions about his history to “go jump in a lake.”

“From this point on, I get to determine what the hook is. I get to determine whether I’m going to answer what I consider silly questions,” Carson explained’.

  • ‘Yahoo News pointed out that many of the stories that have raised questions came from Carson’s own books and speeches’.

“Yeah, but I’m not going to talk about them,” Carson said’.

‘Yahoo then asked Carson why he wrote stories about his past that he no longer wants to discuss’.

“Because before it was an autobiography, and it’s not an autobiography now because it’s already been written,” Carson said’.

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2 thoughts on “Republican Personal Responsibility – ‘Ben Carson is done answering questions about his life story’

  1. Now why didn’t Obama do that? I’m sure it would have worked. Positive.

  2. Whether it is his creative history or his outlandish comments or beliefs, he is prone to the bizarre. Yet, as Bernie Sanders said when asked about Carson’s West Point embellishment, I don’t care about that – what I care about is he wants to do away with Medicare and Medicaid.

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