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Yeah it's a repeat but I love it.

Yeah it’s a repeat but I love it.

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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun…..” – ‘America’s Gun Business, By the Numbers’


$229 billion

The cost of fatal and non-fatal gun violence to the U.S. in 2012, representing 1.4% of total gross domestic product’ (Mother Jones)


$13.5 billion

‘Annual revenue of gun and ammunition manufacturing industry, with a $1.5 billion profit’. (IBIS World)

$3.1 billion’.

‘Annual revenue of gun and ammunition stores, with a $478.4 million profit’. (IBIS World)
10,847,792 = 1 Year

The number of pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and miscellaneous firearms manufactured in the U.S. in 2013, the latest full year available’.

‘That’s 4,441,726 pistols’,
‘725,282 revolvers’,
‘3,979,570 rifles’,
‘1,203,072 shotguns’,
‘495,142 miscellaneous firearms’. (ATF)

‘Percentage of the above guns which were exported. Of those 10.84 million guns, 10,413,880 stay in America’. (ATF)

270-310 million

Estimated of number of guns in the U.S’. (Pew Research Center)

‘Number of full-time jobs related to the firearm industry, up from 209,750 in 2012’

$42.9 Billion

Estimated overall economic impact of the firearms and ammo industry in the U.S‘. (NSSF)

‘Number of firearm background checks initiated in 2014’.

‘Because a background check is required before a gun is bought, this numbers gives insight into gun sale trends. However, just because a background check was initiated doesn’t mean a gun was purchased’. (FBI)

‘Number of firearm background checks in 1999’. (FBI)


‘Average number of firearms owned by a gun owner once you toss out the top 3% of gun owners who own more than 25 guns’. (Journal of Injury Prevention)

‘Percentage of American households with guns’. (NORC)
29%, 43.7%, 55.9%

‘Adults living in a household with firearms’:

‘Ppercentage by suburbs’,

‘Other urban areas’,

‘Rural counties’,

‘Respectively’. (NORC)

”Percentage of Americans who say personal safety/protection is the reason they own a gun. (Gallup)


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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun………” – ‘Tombstone Gunfighter And Bystander Shot During Old West Shootout Performance’

gun show

‘A member of the Tombstone Vigilantes gunfight reenactment group ‘accidentally’ shot another member of the group and a bystander Sunday afternoon, according to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office’.


‘At least two people were hit with bullets during the gun fight reenactment according to the Associated Press’.

Two actors in the group engaged in a standoff as they re-enacted an episode from the town made famous by Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and the O.K. Corral’.

‘However, one member of the group arrived late and did not have his gun properly inspected, according to Tucson News Now’.

‘One of the actor’s guns fired live rounds, accidentally hitting a fellow member of the group in the upper groin, according to the Tombstone Marshal’s office’.

‘When Ken Curtis fell to the ground, he wasn’t acting’.

‘He was airlifted to a hospital in Tucson, where he underwent surgery to remove the bullet’.

‘Other rounds struck businesses and a bystander, identified as Debbie Mitchell was hit, too, while standing in front of the Bird Cage Theater’.

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