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The Party Of Stupid – ‘Tennessee Bill Would Prohibit Public Schools From Teaching About Islam’

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Ignornce is Republican Bliss……..

  • ‘In response to complaints from Tennessee parents that what their children are being taught about Islam borders on indoctrination, a Republican lawmaker in the state has proposed legislation to prohibit schools from teaching “religious doctrine” until high school’.

‘Rep. Sheila Butt’s proposed bill comes at a time when anti-Islamic sentiment has been surfacing at schools across the country’.


‘If enacted, the bill would ban schools from teaching students younger than 10th grade about Islam or other topics the state decides constitute “religious doctrine.”

“I think that probably the teaching that is going on right now in seventh, eighth grade is not age appropriate,” Butt, who claims her bill isn’t targeted at Islam, told the Tennessean.

“They are not able to discern a lot of times whether its indoctrination or whether they’re learning about what a religion teaches.”

‘Butt claims it would not be difficult for the state to discern the difference between teaching religion and teaching religious doctrine, but Tennessee teachers and education officials disagree’.

‘One teacher told the Tennessean that “there is a lot of influence that that part of the world had on world history.”

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