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Debunking Republican FOX (cough) ‘news’ – ‘Fox News Uses BS Data To Claim Soldiers And Other Federal Workers Are Overpaid’


‘From 2004 to 2012, the federal non-postal civilian workforce grew by 258,882 employees, from 1.88 million to 2.13 million (14 percent)’.
‘Permanent career employees accounted for most of the growth, increasing by 256,718 employees, from 1.7 million in 2004 to 1.96 million in 2012 (15 percent)’.
‘Three agencies–the Departments of Defense (DOD), Homeland Security (DHS), and Veterans Affairs (VA)–accounted for about 94 percent of this increase’.(1)

  • ‘Stuart Varney on Fox News Business cited misleading data from the CATO institute that says that federal workers make on average 78 percent more than people who don’t work for the government’.

‘Fox News correspondent, Tammy Bruce, reports’:

TAMMY BRUCE: “Well look, they’re better than us, aren’t they? And they deserve more money because they do such — much more difficult work, and they’re just more important and better people. Look, these are the people that all this — those are the only people politicians really see. Its unionized of course. It goes through the framework of government and politicians wanting to spend more, make things bigger, make things worse. And they’re right on that track”.

STUART VARNEY: “Look what is on the screen. Six of the top — of the richest neighborhoods are right around Washington, D.C”. 

BRUCE: “But that’s very small area of D.C., of course. And the talk about the distance between the poor and the wealthy. You see it. Government — super, super rich. And then those other neighborhoods in Washington, D.C, the poverty, the unemployment, the abandonment. That’s classic big government where everybody else get pushed out and the people who genuflect, who pay allegiance to that big federal government get all the money, and everyone else suffers”.

  • ‘The total salary, benefits, and reimbursements for an average federal worker in 2014 was $119,934’.

‘For the average private sector worker, you’re looking at just $67,246’.

‘Think about who a government worker is’.

‘We’re talking about our troops, our soldiers abroad, those protecting our borders, Generals, US Senators, NASA engineers, NOAH climatologists or hurricane researchers, the Undersecretary of Education, even Congressman Darrell Issa’.

‘Compared to the entire workforce as a whole, which yes, includes doctors and lawyers, but also the server at your local Chili’s and Waffle House or McDonald’s worker fighting for a living wage’.

  • ‘“33 percent of federal employees work in professional occupations, such as the sciences or engineering, compared with only 18 percent of private-sector employees”’.
  • ‘And “21 percent of federal employees have a master’s, professional, or doctoral degree, compared with 9 percent of private-sector employees.”

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