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Debunking Super Hero Ben Carson – ‘Ben Carson Claims His Popeye’s Robbery Story Was In His Book – But It’s Not’

ben carson 1

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‘Carson recounts what happened when he was faced by gunman’

Super Hero Dr Ben Carson, who is a vegetarian, and his camp tried to support his story by saying the Republican Presidential candidate told of the robbery in his 2006 book, ‘Take The Risk’.

‘There’s just one little problem with that’.

  • ‘It’s not in the book’.

‘The Daily News Bin reports’:

‘Ben Carson’s business manager Armstrong Williams insists that the robbery story is in Carson’s book of nearly a decade ago. If this were true, it would at least verify that Carson didn’t make up the story on the spot this week’.

‘But the book actually says nothing about it, nor can anyone seem to find any evidence of Carson having previously told the story prior to this week’.

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