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Business War On The Poor – ‘Portland businesses organize to fight $15 minimum wage’

raise the wage14

raise the wage15

It makes sense that business wouldn’t want to pay their employees more.

After all……the owner of the business ‘built that’, not the employees…….

PORTLAND, Maine — ‘A nonpartisan group of business owners has started raising money to defeat a local referendum that would raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2019′.

‘Chris Hall, CEO of the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, said the group mobilized partly in response to polling in late August showing popular support for Question 1’.

“And most [referenda] stay ahead unless they are opposed,” Hall said after a news conference Wednesday morning outside of Becky’s Diner on Commercial Street’.

‘The poll, by the Maine People’s Resource Center, showed 48.2 percent of likely voters supported the $15 minimum, which would take effect in 2017 for large employers and 2019 for small employers. About 39.7 percent were opposed with a possibly decisive 12.1 percent of voters undecided’.

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4 thoughts on “Business War On The Poor – ‘Portland businesses organize to fight $15 minimum wage’

  1. Barneysday on said:

    Reblogged this on Views from the Hill and commented:
    Money spent on raising wages goes directly into the economy. High salaries to CEO’s goes into tax avoidance schemes.

  2. Thanks for posting this. There is a great Ted Talk where a successful capitalist speaks of the arrogance of the job creator misdirection. He notes that a capitalist will only hire employees if they are absolutely necessary. He said customers create jobs, not owners. To Barney’s point, increased wages go into the economy. By the way, a restaurant owner sat down with his staff. He said let’s raise wages and prices and eliminate tips. The employees bought into it as did the customers. I believe he went beyond the minimum as needed.

    • Here’s a couple of good links, maybe even the one you were thinking of :
      Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer “Rich people don’t create jobs”

      Wealth Inequality in America

      Here in Washington State, we have the highest Minimum wage in the Nation. We voters passed it back in ’98 as I recall and it’s adjusted for inflation yearly. By conservative logic, we should be killing jobs. We’re not as our unemployment rate is in the top half.
      Ditto food service. All of the restaurant/food service organizations claim increased hiring.

      We are not a supply side economy. We are a demand side.

      • Thanks. It was the Hanauer Ted Talk I watched. This is good stuff on an unfortunate topic. I shared with aide to one of our senators, we have incubators of the minimum wage increase all around the country. How are those places doing versus others. The same holds true on Medicaid expansion as roughly the same number of states did this.

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