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The Republican War On The Poor – ‘Tennessee’s First Year Of Drug Testing Welfare Applicants Didn’t Go Very Well’

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‘Seven states that drug test welfare recipients have now spent about $1 million on the tests, according to previous ThinkProgress research’.

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‘Each state has found drug usage rates among welfare applicants to be far below the national average of 9.4 percent for all Americans’.

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‘The state implemented the testing regime in the summer of 2014, adding three questions about narcotics use to the application form for aid’.

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‘Anyone who answers “yes” to any of the three drug questions must take a urine test or have their application thrown away immediately. Anyone who fails a urine test must complete drug treatment and pass a second test, or have their benefits cut off for six months’.

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‘In total, just 1.6 percent of the 28,559 people who applied for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits in the first year of testing answered one of the three screening questions positively’.

‘Out of the 468 people who peed in a state-funded cup, 11.7 percent flunked the test’.

  • ‘With 55 people testing positive for drugs out of an applicant pool of nearly 30,000, Tennessee’s testing system uncovered that a whopping 0.19 percent of those who applied for aid were drug users’.

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Business War On The Poor – ‘Portland businesses organize to fight $15 minimum wage’

raise the wage14

raise the wage15

It makes sense that business wouldn’t want to pay their employees more.

After all……the owner of the business ‘built that’, not the employees…….

PORTLAND, Maine — ‘A nonpartisan group of business owners has started raising money to defeat a local referendum that would raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2019′.

‘Chris Hall, CEO of the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, said the group mobilized partly in response to polling in late August showing popular support for Question 1’.

“And most [referenda] stay ahead unless they are opposed,” Hall said after a news conference Wednesday morning outside of Becky’s Diner on Commercial Street’.

‘The poll, by the Maine People’s Resource Center, showed 48.2 percent of likely voters supported the $15 minimum, which would take effect in 2017 for large employers and 2019 for small employers. About 39.7 percent were opposed with a possibly decisive 12.1 percent of voters undecided’.

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