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Around The Web – ‘Tide’s New Commercial Hilariously Mocks Kim Davis And Anti-Gay Bigots Everywhere’ – ‘Tide to Go Wedding’

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Around The Web – ‘The Truth About Donald Trump’s Golf Game’

2012 Miss Universe Pageant

A Republican America – ‘NRA America: City Forces Texas Zoo To Remove ‘No Guns’ Signs Because Freedom’


Republicans are famous for being ‘Supporters of the 2nd Amendment’.

Whenever I hear a gun nut say that I ask them if they also support the 1st Amendment, the 7th Amendment, the 14th AMendment or the 21st Amendment.

  • So far I haven’t found a single ‘2nd Amendment Supporter’ that knows what’s in the 7th, 14 or 21st Amendments.
    So what you have is a bunch of gun nuts ready to protect themselves against the tyranny of the Government without knowing the protections the Bill Of Rights affords them.

Hating a Government when you don’t even know what it does.


A zoo in Texas finds itself in a tight spot after city officials forced the privately owned business to remove signs barring guns from the premises’.

‘The state law in question, which took effect on September 1, makes it illegal for government entities to restrict concealed carry’.

‘Though the Houston Zoo is privately-owned, the land it sits on belongs to the city’.

‘ Houston attorney T. Edwin Walker with Texas Law Shield, a gun rights advocacy firm, sent a letter to the city just two days after the law went into effect stating that the “no guns” signs, pictured below, were illegal’.

texas gun

‘According to city attorney Donna Edmunson, the city has not received any other complaints about the zoo’s attempt to protect its guests. Walker was the first and only person to be too skittish to go to a zoo without his firearm’.

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The Party Of NO – ‘Republicans File To Impeach EPA Head For Trying To Protect Environment’



‘A total of 19 Republican lawmakers (and counting) have signed a resolution to begin impeachment proceedings against Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”


‘What “high crimes” has McCarthy committed’?

  • ‘She used scientific facts that make polluters look like they are causing pollution and is trying to stop them’.

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