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Around The Web – ‘Big Bad Don – The Ballad Of Donald Trump’

2012 Miss Universe Pageant

Debunking Republican Lies – A Republican America – ‘House Will Spend More Investigating Benghazi Than On Ethics, Veterans, The Budget, Or Science’


‘A ThinkProgress analysis of House spending on its 20 permanent committees from Jan. 3, 2013 to Jan. 3, 2014 finds that since Benghazi committee’s full-year equivalent budget would be an estimated $5,657,142, its investigation will cost more than the budgets of nine other House committees’:


‘Committee on Rules: $2,857,408’

‘Committee on Small Business: $2,992,688’


‘Committee on Ethics: $3,020,459’

‘Committee on Veterans’ Affairs: $3,048,546’


‘Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence: $4,389,758’

‘Committee on House Administration: $4,600,560’


‘Committee on Agriculture: $5,036,187’

‘Committee on the Budget: $5,138,824’


‘Committee on Science, Space, and Technology: $5,282,755’

‘House Benghazi Panel: $5,657,142’


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A Republican America – ‘The American People Warn Republicans: Don’t Shut Government Down Over Planned Parenthood’

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‘In a new CNN/ORC Poll, thousands of Americans were asked whether it was more important to pass a budget agreement that would avoid a government shutdown, or eliminate all federal funding for Planned Parenthood’.

  • ‘71% of Americans said that passing a budget agreement and avoiding a government shutdown was the most important priority’.

‘Only 22% of those polled suggested that eliminating federal funding for Planned Parenthood should be the top priority’.

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A Republican America – ‘GOP: Defund Planned Parenthood even if it didn’t break the law’

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If you are poor, you are going to be so screwed….beyond ANYTHING you can imagine.

So get off your ass, register to vote and VOTE.

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‘Congressional Republicans say they are determined to shut Planned Parenthood down, regardless of whether it broke any laws’.

‘In more than two months of investigations, members have yet to turn up evidence that Planned Parenthood acted illegally, the same conclusion reached by a half-dozen state investigations. The Department of Justice has so far declined to launch a formal probe’.

‘Several Republicans acknowledged this week that they may never find proof of wrongdoing at Planned Parenthood — but said it doesn’t matter’.

“The issue is not whether there’s been a crime committed or not,” Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas.) told the same group at the hearing. “This issue is whether or not taxpayers should fund Planned Parenthood. That’s the issue before this committee.”

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