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Earth – In My Back Yard – ‘Northern Washington Wildfire Fly Through 8-28-2015 @ 2:00AM PDT’

5th Dimensional Earth


Yesterday when I was checking the air quality before going out and mowing the lawn, I noticed that the town of Nespelem had and Air Quality Index (AQI) of 500.
Bacisly if you went out side – you couldn’t breathe.

On and FYI, the middle of August is the START of our fire season……..

Like today – high winds expected – gusts up to 65mph – all over the fire area.

And again a great big thank you to Republicans especially our very own wonderful US Representative Cathy Dumber Then A Pile Of Rocks McMorris Rodgers for voting in the budget to cut funding for wild fire fighting.

It turns out this is the worst wild fire season on record so thanks for cutting the funding.

Published on Aug 28, 2015
Information updated through August 28 at 2:00AM PDT. A
virtual fly through of the public MODIS+VIIRS Fire Data
from the US Forest Service for the Chelan Complex Fire,
the Okanogan Complex Fire, and other fires in North
Central Washington State. The fly through starts above
the US, then flys in on the Pacfic North West, then
Central Washington, before flying in on the fire

‘Chelan Complex and Okanogan Complex Wildfire Fly
Through updated on 8-28-2015 based on data captured
from 8-26-2015 through 2:00AM PDT 8-28-2015’.

‘Data color is based on MODIS fire activity with Red
representing activity detected in the last 0-12 hours
(at the time data was updated). Orange represent
activity in the last 12-24 hours ago, and Yellow data
is 24 hours or older (up to 6 days)’.

‘You can download the raw data, including Google Earth
data, used to create this video from the US Forest
Service here:’.

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