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Second Trip Around The Web – ‘ Joe Biden “Buy A Shotgun”




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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

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Darn Force Field - credit amy oops

Darn Force Field – credit amy oops



Wait for it - Big Cat By The Tree - credit amy oops

Wait for it – Big Cat By The Tree – credit amy oops



How To Get The Perfect Mohawk - credit amy oops

How To Get The Perfect Mohawk – credit amy oops

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"Oh great! My new campaign signs are here!"

“Oh great! My new campaign signs are here!”

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Life Is A Box Of Chocolates

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Shared Sacrifice…….Raise The Wage – ‘The World’s Wealthy are Hiding Up to $32 Trillion in Offshore Accounts’


‘The world’s wealthiest people are hiding trillions of dollars in offshore tax havens to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, reported the Guardian’.

”New research found that the amount of money hidden around the world is larger than what’s in the American economy.

‘James Henry, economist and researcher with the Tax Justice Network (TJN), conducted a study of data from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and several private sector analysts’.

  • He found that between $21 trillion and $32 trillion is hidden in offshore accounts’.

‘According to Henry’s research, approximately 10 million individuals around the world have money hidden in offshore tax havens in order to dodge their homelands’ tax laws’.

‘Even within that group, most of the money is concentrated among a small minority of ultra-rich people’.

  • ‘Out of 10 million people, 92,000 own at least half of the total amount of hidden money’.

On average, the tax rate on that money is only 3 percent each year’.

‘A 30 percent tax rate would generate $189 billion off of that hidden money’.

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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun……in a school……” – ‘Judge Allows Man To Openly Carry A Gun At His Daughter’s Elementary School’




  • ‘A Michigan judge held last week that a Grand Rapids man may carry a gun inside his daughter’s school — provided he carries it out in the open where it is most likely to panic students and teachers’.

‘Kenneth Herman sued the Clio Area School District after his daughter’s elementary school refused to grant him access while he was openly carrying a pistol’.

‘Herman, for his part, defends his lawsuit with an argument similar to the National Rifle Association’s rhetoric about good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns’.

“I think having law-abiding armed citizens in there provides some measure of protection that isn’t a glass door that can be broken out,” Herman told a local NBC affiliate’.

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