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My computer is dying, has been for over a month now but has gotten to the point where it’s now annoying.

So looked around, found a Dell 3 w/windows 7. Not gonna go to Win 10 for a year so they get all the bugs out of it.

Anyway a good day to photo dump as I can’t transfer over them.

But the ‘debate’.

I actually watched some of it.

Trump was an ass but most people I think expected that. Best guess is that base doesn’t care about actual policy (which is good because The Donald doesn’t have or know any) so his not saying he won’t run on a third party may knock off a few points but he is the old angry white guy so……

Was Jeb! there? (Yes I saw him but when you’re upstaged by Carly WHO WASN’T EVEN ON THE STAGE – that’s not good)

Christie – mad as usual.

Walker – If someone actually (FOX won’t) questioned him about his answers – a deer in the headlights.

Huckabee – bitter very, very bitter.

Carson – replace the tax code with tithing? Really?

Rubio – Still the little kid in the room.

Cruz – Has no clue how to ‘debate’ in this format.

Rand – He doesn’t seem to care so fewer will care.

Kasich – Enjoy your 15 minutes as ‘favorite son’.


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