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Saving America – ‘New Report Reveals The Severe Economic Impacts Climate Change Will Have In The South’

get rid of the south

Just another reason to get rid of the South.

Now ‘global’ warming is of course global but these States, the people they have elected over and over, have done everything they can to first deny climate change and second, prevent even basic research into it.

They want to secede.

Highest rate of poverty.

Welfare States that take more from the Government then they give.


get rid of thre south

While the Southeast and Texas are generally accustomed to heat and humidity, the scale of increased heat — along with other impacts such as sea level rise and storm surge — will likely cause significant and widespread economic harm, especially to a region so heavily invested in physical manufacturing, agriculture and energy infrastructure,” the report reads’.

get rid of the south1

‘According to the report, by the end of this century, the Southeast and Texas could see 14 times as many days over 95°F each year’.

‘Some regions, the report states, could see as many as 124 of these extremely hot days a year. And changes could come sooner than the end of the century for some states: by around 2050, Mississippi is expected to see 33 to 85 extremely hot days each year’.

‘These temperatures will drive up electricity demand, and that increased demand could see an increase in energy costs of 4 to 12 percent by mid-century’.

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