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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

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day Pluto as seen by the Hubble vs. New Horizons.

Pluto as seen by the Hubble vs. New Horizons

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Life Is A Box Of Chocolates

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“All it takes is one good drone with a gun……” – ‘Drone Firing Handgun’

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When do we say enough……..

Debunking The Republican Fox (cough) ‘news’ Lies – ‘Fox News Lies And Blames Bill (And Hillary) Clinton For Chattanooga Shooting’

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  • ‘According to Republicans, politicizing mass shootings is wrong unless Fox News is spreading a blatant lie to smear the top candidate for the Democratic nomination’.

‘On Fox News’s Happening Now host Jon Scott asked Chad Jenkins, “It should be pointed out that many people might think that military service members are armed carrying their sidearms day and night, that’s not the case. It’s pretty unusual for all but the MPs to be carrying their sidearms isn’t it?”

‘Jenkins replied, “Well, and look at the Fort Hood shootings. We had two shootings now that were mass casualty situations and now the recruiting station. Unfortunately, the executive order put in place by President Bill Clinton back in the nineties took away the rights for service members to carry, conceal, and to protect themselves here in the homeland.”

Well that’s just sick…….except it’s not true.


‘Here is what Fox News did not tell the truth about’:

1). ‘There was no executive order’.

2). ‘The change in Army regulations was at the direction of the Bush administration in 1992’.

3). ‘The regulation only applies to the Army’.

4). ‘The regulation did not ban members of the military like the Marines from carrying weapons’.

‘ debunked this right-wing lie years ago’:

“A change in U.S. Army regulations issued in March 1993 (just two months after President Clinton assumed office) did affect the issue of personnel carrying firearms on military bases, but that change in regulations was issued by the Department of the Army and was not implemented by President Clinton via an executive order. Moreover, that change in regulations came about in response to a U.S. Department of Defense directive issued in February 1992, during the presidency of George H.W. Bush, and not at the sole behest of President Clinton”.

“Additionally, that change in regulations (which applied only to the Army, not other branches of the U.S. armed forces) did not ban the carrying of weapons by soldiers on Army bases; it restricted the authorization to carry firearms to personnel engaged in law enforcement and security duties, and to personnel stationed at facilities where there was “a reasonable expectation that life or Army assets would be jeopardized if firearms were not carried.”

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Jeb! Don’t Say My Last Name Bush…The Common Man!- ‘Only 3 Percent of Jeb Bush’s Campaign Cash Came From Small Donors’

jeb bush social security

jeb the common man

‘Small contributors gave Bush only $368,023, the campaign’s federal filings show’.

Donors who gave the legal maximum of $2,700 accounted for more than 80 percent of Bush’s total haul’.

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