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Living In Jeb Bush’s World – ‘Jeb Bush Wants More Americans To Work Long Hours But Doesn’t Want To Pay Them Overtime’


Every word Jeb! has spoken about the working class is that they need to ‘work harder’, paying overtime is the ‘wrong approach’ and after working 40+ years – they need to work longer – until they’re 70 for Social Security.

Economic rape of the working class.

Jeb is saying that if companies have to pay workers more, then the (cough) “job creators” won’t be able to hire as many people.

Bulla Shitta.

Currently, those who make less than $23,660 a year and/or those who can be classified as “executives” — including, for example, people who supervise a clean-up crew — are exempted from the requirement that they be paid time-and-a-half for working more than 40 hours a week’.

Because the salary threshold hasn’t gotten a meaningful update since 1975, it has effectively lowered as inflation rose. The administration has proposed bringing it up to $50,440 by 2016, just shy of where the threshold would be if it had risen with inflation’.

But paying someone time and a half….according to

Jeb ‘Workers need to work longer hours’ and ‘after you work longer hours, you need to work until your 70 to get Social Security’ Bush

it’s the quote/unquote ““the wrong approach.”

  • To Jeb Bush – paying someone time and a half for working over 40 hours a week is the “wrong approach’.

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Scott Walker I Want To Be Your President So I Can Do This To ALL Poor People – ‘Walker Sues Feds For Right To Shame The Poor’

scott walker drug testing for food stamps


  • ‘On Tuesday, he announced that he is suing the federal government for the right to shame the poor by drug testing food stamp recipients’:

‘In a statement, Walker said testing people for drugs was part of a “compassionate approach to ensuring individuals on certain public assistance programs are workforce ready.”

“Our most recent budget builds on our record of enacting big, bold entitlement reforms to restore programs to their original purpose — a safety net, not a hammock,” his statement said. “We are focused on helping people move from government dependence to independence because we want people to know the dignity that comes from work.” 

“Not a hammock”?

drug test for food stamps2food stamps 1

Yep. Just livin’ the life of lux-ur-rey on that $189 a month for food.

‘Walker has made the drug testing plan a central campaign theme since last year when he sought re-election’.

Tennessee has found one drug user out of 800 welfare recipients tested. With an overall drug use rate of 8 percent in Tennessee, the crackdown indicates that the poor are 64 times less likely to use drugs than everyone else’.

‘Utah spent $30,000 testing welfare recipients and produced just 12 positive tests. While 6 percent of Utahns overall say they use drugs, the state’s tests found drug use by just 2.5 percent of those tested and 0.2 percent of the total welfare recipient population’.

‘Florida’s version of the system found the rate of drug use is four times lower among welfare recipients than among the general population. (Courts have ruled Florida’s system unconstitutional, but Gov. Rick Scott (R) remains committed to a program that would spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the tests each year’.)


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Jade Helm 15!!

jade helm1

jade helm

‘What’s more sinister than FEMA death camps? Some black tarps and a chain-link fence’.

‘Just in time for the Wednesday kickoff of “Jade Helm 15,” a YouTube user under the handle Get Right America posted an amazing parody of the breathless, Humvee-tracking conspiracy theorists who are suspicious of the U.S. military training exercise’.

‘The videographer filmed himself driving around the parking lot of a Sam’s Club in San Angelo, Texas in a nod to one of the wilder “Jade Helm 15” conspiracy theories about its parent company, Wal-Mart’.

‘There, he found a potential hiding spot for “ninjas that can take our guns” and trucks that obviously must belong to the Knights Templar’.

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