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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

Husband Duties

Cat doesn’t want to give kisses beats up owner

The Mask Dance Cuban Pete





How To Stop Road Rage - credit bits and pieces

How To Stop Road Rage – credit bits and pieces






Music – “Vivaldi Tribute” (Patrick Rondat) Tina S cover


I;ve posted her before but she is just so good…..

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Life Is A Box Of Chocolates

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But It’s NOT Republican Obstruction….Is It? – ‘Republicans Vow to Kill Iran Nuclear Deal’


“The GOP-led Congress plans to review the deal for two months before voting on whether to lift sanctions sometime in September.”

‘First Read: “If Congress passes a joint resolution of disapproval (from both the House and Senate), and sends it to President Obama’s desk for his signature, it would start another 12-day clock which gives Obama the ability to veto the resolution. After President Obama presumably vetoes the resolution, Congress would have 10 days to attempt to override the veto, which would require a two-thirds vote from both chambers.”

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Living In A Jeb Bush World – ‘Bush Picks James Polk as a Favorite President’

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‘After his father and his brother, Jeb Bush said his favorite president was James K. Polk (D), the Des Moines Register reports’.

‘Said Bush’:

  • “One of the presidents that I really admire, and he’s not — I think people rank him pretty good, the historians who look at this — is James K. Polk… He said what he was going to do and he did what he said he was going to do, and then he left.”

‘Although Bush didn’t mention it, Polk is perhaps best known for presiding over the Mexican-American War, in which U.S. forces battled all the way to Mexico City and won control of what is now New Mexico and California’.

‘The territorial expansion seen under Polk is now seen as fueling the fight over slavery of the mid-1800s. Polk himself was a slaveowner.’

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VOTE REPUBLICAN!! – Scott Walker I Want To Be Your President – ‘Koch Crony Scott Walker Actually Called The Minimum Wage ‘Lame’

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Right after becoming the one millionth Republican to enter the presidential race, Walker’s first interview was with Sean Hannity’. Where else?

‘While attempting to justify his disgusting treatment of workers, Walker claimed that the minimum wage was a “lame idea” the Democrats have put forth to keep jobs’:

Scott ‘I Want To BE Your President’ Walker :

  • “The left claims they’re for American workers, and they’ve got lame ideas, things like minimum wage”.

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scott walker on equal pay

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