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Barrier 2 - Drunks - 0 -credit bits and pieces

Barrier 2 – Drunks – 0 -credit bits and pieces



Who's gonna tell Fred it snows every day? - credit bits and pieces

Who’s gonna tell Fred it snows every day? – credit bits and pieces

Safety First - credit bits and pieces

Safety First – credit bits and pieces



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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun….” – ’60-Year-Old Camper Killed By Apparent Stray Bullet, ‘High-Powered Rifles Being Shot’

gun nut 60 year old

‘Welcome to America, a country in which a 60-year-old man camping with his family can be killed by a stray bullet. It’s not clear who the shooter is, however, a witness told CBS Denver that there were some high-powered rifles being shot in the area, as well as AK-47s with multiple rounds’.

‘Investigators say that a 60-year-old man who went camping with his family Friday was shot by an apparent stray bullet and died’.

‘The shooting death happened in the Rainbow Falls Park area of the Pike National Forest’.

A lot of target shooting going on all around us. There were several areas around us where we could hear gunshots … all the way up until dusk they were shooting,” camper Joe Worrell said. “We heard some high-powered rifles being shot. We also heard semi-automatic AK-47’s with multiple rounds.”

‘Signs are posted in the area stating that gunfire in the Pike National Forest is prohibited’.

“We do have a lot of kids all over and you shouldn’t be shooting out here,” said camper Kerry Finley’.

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Republican Clown Car – ‘Who Will Make the First GOP Debate’?

republican top ten

‘First Read crunched the numbers from the last five national polls — two from Fox, one CNN, one NBC/WSJ, and one from Monmouth — and below are the polling averages. The first debate on August 6 is restricted to the top 10’:

1. Jeb Bush – 15.4 %
2. Scott Walker – 10.8%
3. Ben Carson – 10%
4. Marco Rubio – 8.8%
5. Rand Paul – 7.6%
6. Mike Huckabee – 7.4%
7. Donald Trump – 6%
8. Ted Cruz – 4.8%
9. Rick Perry – 3.8%
10. Chris Christie – 3.6%

11. Rick Santorum – 2.2%
12. Carly Fiorina – 2%
13. John Kasich – 1.6%
14. Lindsey Graham – 1.4%
15. Bobby Jindal – 1.2%

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Life On Earth – ‘Scientists Reveal Death Toll Caused By Soft Drinks- And It Is Whopping’



How can we save a planet when we pay soft drink companies to kill us?

Maybe we can start by no longer calling them ‘soft drinks’.

Is obesity ‘soft’?

Is diabetes ‘soft’?

‘Scientists have keynoted the dangers of fizzy, sugary drinks, noting that they kill 184,000 adults every year’.

‘It further said those under 45 consume more artificially sweetened drinks and are more at risk of diabetes and obesity’.

‘The worldwide study is the first to estimate deaths and disability from diabetes, heart disease, and cancers caused by the drinks’.

It added that 133,000 deaths from diabetes, 45,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease and 6,450
deaths from cancer were caused by fizzy drinks, fruit drinks, energy drinks and sweetened ice teas in 2010′.

‘Dr Dariush Mozaffarian, Dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in Boston’ :

“It should be a global priority to substantially reduce or eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages from the diet”.

“There are no health benefits from sugar-sweetened beverages, and the potential impact of reducing consumption is saving tens of thousands of deaths each year.”

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