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Living In A Republican World – ‘As Louisiana Falls Apart A Delusional Bobby Jindal Announces He’s Running For President’


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‘When Jindal took office in 2008, the state had a $900 million budget surplus that the governor managed to turn into a $1.6 billion deficit through trickle-down tax cuts’.

‘He has doubled the state’s unemployment rate while refusing to raise taxes’.

‘Jindal has become reviled in his state by slashing funding for education and healthcare’.

‘Gov. Jindal tried to replace the state tax with a much higher sales tax, but he had to pull the plan after both Democrats and Republican rebelled’.

‘Bobby Jindal is so disliked in deep red Louisiana that President Obama has a higher approval rating than the Republican governor’.

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Debunking Republican ‘pundits’ – ‘Bill Kristol And Bloomberg Editor Explode Over The Confederate Flag’


‘Conservative pundit Bill Kristol got into a minute-long shout match with Bloomberg Politics editor John Heilemann on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe” after he warned of a campaign to disrespect the memory of Confederate soldiers in the wake of the South Carolina church massacre’.

‘On the MSNBC show, as well as in several tweets the day before, the consistently wrong Kristol accused “the left” of trying to tear down Confederate statues and ban the teaching of speeches by Abraham Lincoln after retailers like Amazon and eBay announced they were pulling Confederate memorabilia’.

“Nobody is talking about any of those things,” Heilemann shot back. “Literally, I know of no one. This is the classic exercise of straw man building and knocking down.”

“And I know it’s fun for you. You are trolling by doing these things, because no one on the left is suggesting what you’re suggesting,” Heilemann said’.

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The Earth – ‘Extreme Heat, Fueled By Climate Change, Leaves More Than 800 Dead In Pakistan’


‘More than 800 have died from heat stroke and thousands more have been hospitalized as a heat wave scorches much of Pakistan with temperatures as high as 113 degrees. While officials have rolled out emergency response efforts, poor infrastructure and the unpredictable patterns of extreme weather have made the crisis particularly devastating’.

  • ‘In recent years, Pakistan’s longstanding energy crisis has meant that people across the country face rolling power outages that can last 10 hours in urban areas, and up to 20 in rural ones’.

‘The power outages mean that people are unable to run air-conditioners or even electric fans — and that they have little access to water, which is largely moved through pipes by electric pumps’.

‘In Karachi, electricity shortages kept the water supply system from pumping millions of gallons of water, according to the state-run water utility service’.

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