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Dylann Roof

We are not born filled with hate and bigotry.
They both are learned experiences and usually from those who raise us – our parents or close friends.
Dylann pulled the trigger.
Who taught him where to aim?

Bell Book Candle

Dylann Roof received his gun from his father. Who supplied him with the hate to use it as he did? He dropped out of school in the ninth grade and sat in his room until he was twenty-one. Then he tried to start a race war. Someone gave him the idea and I sincerely doubt that he picked it up on his own from the internet, although that is possible. Stricter gun laws are necessary, but even more needed is greater love and less hate. Let’s start in that direction now.

Some say this shooting was like a mass lynching, an event that still happens in the US. Lynching was a common occurrence in the US until the 1930s. Early in the century, Mark Twain started to write about lynchings and then decided not to publish. He feared losing all his friends in the South. However, we must speak out…

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FLASHBACK: (VIDEO) NRA’s Wayne LePierre Calls For “The Next President To Be A White Man”

The economy, raising the minimum wage, raising taxes on the rich by eliminating the loopholes and building infrastructure – but the other half of the 2016 debate has to be the FOX news fueled hate and lies.
We can’t have an intelligent debate on the issues because of all the misinformation and disinformation.

The Fifth Column

NRA’s Wayne LePierre Calls For The Next President To Be A White Man (VIDEO) NRA Chairman Wayne LaPierre – (Media Matters – screenshot).

That kind of rhetoric is irresponsible and dangerous…as we have seen far too often.  Rest assured the rhetoric will be repeated ad infinitum  in some right wing circles…in the aftermath of the Charleston church horror.

This speech was made just TWO MONTHS AGO.

REVERB PRESS – April 12, 2015

During a speech to the National Rifle Association’s annual convention on Saturday, Wayne LaPierre combined sexism and racism in a single statement to express his desire to see a white man back in the White House.

In his remarks, LaPierre warned all of his fellow gun nuts that President Obama still has 650 days left in his presidency and that its enough time for him to derail the Second Amendment and institute tyranny across the land.

“The next 650 days are the most dangerous days in history for the Second Amendment and for…

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The Thought For Today

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The Day in a Picture

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The Day in a Quote

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“All it takes is 9 good men and women with guns…….” – ‘It Took Less Than A Day For an NRA Official To Blame Charleston Victims For Their Own Deaths’

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‘Charles Cotton, a board member of the NRA’ :

See….there needed to be MORE guns. Everyone, E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E needs to be carrying a gun.

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