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Being Poor In America – ‘Wal-Mart Has $76 Billion in Undisclosed Overseas Tax Havens’

poor walmart1

poor walmart

‘Wal-Mart Stores Inc. owns more than $76 billion of assets through a web of units in offshore tax havens around the world’.

‘A new study has found Wal-Mart has at least 78 offshore subsidiaries and branches’.

‘Overseas operations have helped the company cut more than $3.5 billion off its income tax bills in the past six years’.

’90 percent of Wal-Mart’s overseas assets are owned by subsidiaries in Luxembourg and the Netherlands, two of the most popular corporate tax havens’.

  • ‘Units in Luxembourg — where the company has no stores — reported $1.3 billion in profits between 2010 and 2013 and paid tax at a rate of less than 1 percent, according to the report.

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The Republican War On Women And The Poor – ‘Hobby Lobby on steroids: GOP guts family planning in latest crusade against reproductive health’

gop cuts in medical care

  • ‘Title X was enacted in 1970 and remains the only federal grant program dedicated exclusively to supporting family planning and preventative health services’.

‘It currently serves somewhere around 4.7 million low-income people, connecting them to things like pap smears, cancer screenings, STD tests, birth control and counseling about how to space out pregnancies and plan for the families they want’.

‘For people who aren’t eligible for Medicaid and can’t afford to see a doctor, Title X-supported clinics are lifesaving’.


‘The House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday released a fiscal year 2016 funding proposal that, among its many provisions :

‘Dismantles the Affordable Care Act’,

‘Eliminates funding for the Title X family planning program and’

‘Includes something called the Health Care Conscience Rights Act’.

(Now remember….this is from a political party that want’s the Government OUT of your personal affairs)

‘Here’s the part of the Labor, Health and Human Services funding bill that would eliminate Title X funding unless the program meets a certain ideological (read: abstinence-focused) criteria’:

“None of the funds appropriated in this Act may be made available to any entity under title X of the PHS Act unless the applicant for the award certifies to the Secretary that it encourages family participation in the decision of minors to seek family planning services…..”

‘And here’s the part of the proposal that would let your school or boss determine whether or not your insurance covers contraception or any other form of healthcare they may not like’:

no provision of this title (and no amendment made by any such provision) shall… require a sponsor to purchase, or provide any health benefits coverage or group health plan that includes coverage of an abortion or other item or service to which…..”

“such sponsor or institution, respectively, has a moral or religious objection”.

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Living In A Republican World – ‘Two-Thirds Of People Who Would Be Affected By Obamacare Ruling Live In Republican Districts’

health care8

health care in republican

‘House Republicans have been cheering on the lawsuit currently before the Supreme Court that, if successful, would cut off Affordable Care Act tax credits to more than 6 million people’.

‘Now a new report suggests the impact would fall disproportionately on their own constituents, rather than those in Democratic districts by a margin of 2-to-1′.

‘At issue in the case is whether health insurance tax credits should be available in all states, or only in those where officials decided to operate their own marketplaces, or “exchanges,” for purchasing coverage’.

‘In two-thirds of the states, including Florida and Texas, officials declined do that, leaving management of the exchanges to the federal government’.

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Politifact – Debunking THE Donald – ‘Trump’s statements by ruling’

donald trump

True 0
Mostly True 2 (11%)
Half True 3 (17%)
Mostly False 1 (6%)
False 7 (39%)
Pants on Fire 5 (28%)

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