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Republicans And War….And More War……And More War….. – ‘G. W. Bush – ‘My position was: you need to have boots on the ground’

bush coffins1

bush coffins

G. W. Bush – “There is only one thing that I really miss about being president, and that’s being the commander-in-chief. I admire our military a lot,” former U.S. President George W. Bush tells Israel Hayom, his eyes twinkling. “When you are the commander-in-chief, at a time when I was, when you put them into a lot of combat situations, you develop a special bond, not only with the military but with their families.”

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Being Poor In America – ‘Someone finally polled the 1% — And it’s not pretty’

1 percent

‘The poll results for this comparison came from the Russell Sage Foundation’.

‘”Elites” are defined as at or near “the 1%” in wealth with an average income of $1M/yr or more. The perspectives of this group are compared to responses from other polls such as Pew and Gallup’.

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Republican Religious Right….LOVE America….Hate Americans – ‘The Religious Right’s Full Page Denunciation of the United States Constitution’



religious right

‘The ad, which took the form of an open letter to the Supreme Court, appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, and in other papers’.

“We will not honor any decision by the Supreme Court which will force us to violate a clear biblical understanding of marriage as solely the union of one man and one woman.”



The Bible :

1. ‘Man + woman where bride proves her virginity or is stoned to death (Genesis 2:24)’;

2. ‘We have man + woman + concubines (Judges 19:1-30)’;

3. ‘We have man + woman + woman, the most common form of biblical marriage – polygyny (Deuteronomy 21:15-17)’;

4. ‘We have rapist + victim (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)’;

5. ‘We have son-less widow + closest male relative (Gen. 38:6-10)’;

6. ‘We have male soldier + prisoner of war (Numbers 31:1-18, Deuteronomy 21:11-14’;

7. ‘We even have male slave + female slave (Exodus 21:4)’

8. ‘And man + woman + woman’s female slave (Gen. 16:1-6, Gen. 30:4-5)’

The letter in full :

‘We the undersigned have joined together to present our unified message and plea to the Justices of the United States Supreme Court regarding the matter of marriage’.

‘We are Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christian pastors, clergy, lay leaders and Jewish leaders, who collectively represent millions of people in our specific churches, parishes, denominations, synagogues and media ministry outreaches. Marriage transcends our various theological differences and unites us together in one voice’.

‘We affirm that any judicial opinion which purports to redefine marriage will constitute an unjust law, as Martin Luther King Jr. described such laws in his letter from the Birmingham Jail. We are Christians who love America and who respect the legitimate rule of law’.

So just like you pick and choose which parts of the Bible you live by……you now want to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution you will live by. 

How…….christian of you………

However, we will not honor any decision by the Supreme Court which will force us to violate a clear biblical understanding of marriage as solely the union of one man and one woman.
We affirm that Marriage, as existing solely between one man and one woman, precedes civil government. Though affirmed, fulfilled, and elevated by faith, the truth that marriage can exist only between one man and one woman is not based solely on religion but on the Natural Law, written on the human heart’.

‘We implore this Court to not step outside of its legitimate authority and unleash religious persecution and discrimination against people of faith. We will be forced to choose between the state and our conscience, which is informed by clear biblical and church doctrine and the natural created order’.

‘On this choice, we must pledge obedience to our Creator. While there are many things we can endure, any attempt to redefine marriage is a line we cannot and will not cross’.
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Living In A Republican World – ‘Paul Ryan Falls Apart On Fox News And Admits Republicans Have No Obamacare Alternative’

health care8

‘Paul Ryan fell apart on Fox News Sunday and when pressed refused to say that he would guarantee Obamacare subsidies for the people who might lose them’.

paul ryan obamacare

Paul Ryan :

“We will have an answer. We will have a solution. We don’t want people to fall victim because of this bad law, and we want to give people freedom from Obamacare.”

And then :

‘Chris Wallace come back at him by asking if he was guaranteeing that people will be able to keep their subsidies. Ryan tried to dodge the question :

“Well, we will have a solution that address this law that gives people a bridge from Obamacare.”

paul ryan obamacare1

And then :

‘Wallace asked, will you demand an end to the mandates, the employer mandates, the individual mandates, and Ryan refused to answer again :

“Well, I’m not going to get into all that, because we want to see what the ruling is. We want to give people freedom from Obamacare. We want to actually let them buy what they want to buy.”

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