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From bad….. – credit bits and pieces

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To worse….. – credit bits and pieces





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But It’s NOT Republican Obstruction….Is It? – ‘Mitch McConnell Says Obama’s Circuit Court Nominees Won’t Be Confirmed Anymore’



‘Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Thursday that he doesn’t expect to confirm any of Obama’s circuit court nominees for the remainder of his time in office, a blow to White House efforts to fill empty federal court seats despite working with a Republican-controlled Senate’.

“So far, the only judges we’ve confirmed have been federal district judges that have been signed off on by Republican senators,” McConnell said. Asked if he expects that to be the case through 2016, McConnell said, “I think that’s highly likely, yeah.”

‘If McConnell is serious, that means at least two GOP-backed circuit court nominees are toast’.

‘Beyond them, there are an additional seven circuit court vacancies around the country that don’t yet have nominees. If McConnell’s vow is true, none of those seats will get filled, either’.

‘For some context: President George W. Bush had to work with a Democratic Senate in his final two years in office’.

‘By this point in Bush’s seventh year, the Senate had confirmed 15 of his district court nominees and three circuit court nominees’.

So tell me again there’s no difference between the parties……..

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Hippocratic Oath


I’m not totally convinced by this argument, but I want to put it out there to see what others think.

Supposedly the so-called “Hippocratic oath” was written by Hippocrates (“the father of Western medicine’) or one of his students in the early part of the fifth century B.C.E. It is widely recognized and is an oath that is taken by most, if not all, practitioners of the science (art?) of medicine, though in this country a more modern version is sworn to rather than the antiquated version. The modern version was written in 1964 by Louis Lasagna, Academic Dean of the School of Medicine at Tufts University, and used in many medical schools today. So far as I know it does not require the swearer to pay allegiance to the almighty dollar, but many physicians seem to have taken that oath as well. In any event, the oath, as written by Dr. Lasagna is (in…

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