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First Word – Why Huckabee Will Win Republican Iowa Caucus – ‘Mike Huckabee Pushes Senators to Resign or Quit WH Run’

first word


The Bible in one hand and Everyman in the other.

The ‘You people elected me to one office but I want another while you pay me for the one I don’t want’ is a win.

Depends on if and how he backs off some of teh Bible thunping, he may in a month take and hold the lead in the Republican Primaries.

‘Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s opponents in the race for the White House who are senators should either resign or drop out of the contest, he said on “Good Morning America” today’.

“If a person has a job that the taxpayers are paying for, shouldn’t that person do that job?” Huckabee, a Republican who said Tuesday he was running for president, told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on “GMA.”

“I just believe it’s a matter of integrity to say, ‘I don’t want this job that I just got elected to, I think I want another job,’” he said. “OK, then resign the job … you have, and go out there and seek the one you want.”

That is teabagger 101.
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4 thoughts on “First Word – Why Huckabee Will Win Republican Iowa Caucus – ‘Mike Huckabee Pushes Senators to Resign or Quit WH Run’

  1. Mr. Militant Negro on said:

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  2. I agree with Huckabee – if you have a public job – do it, if you want to campaign for a different public job, resign from your current one and campaign. The question is, has Huckabee himself followed that rule throughout all his election campaigns?

    • Nope – In 1994, Huckabee was re-elected to a full term as lieutenant governor – 4 years.

      In October 1995, David Pryor announced that he was retiring from the United States Senate. Huckabee then announced he was running for the open seat and moved ahead in the polls, but ultimately dropped out of the race to lead the state after incumbent governor Jim Guy Tucker resigned following his fraud and conspiracy convictions.[28]

      But the reason you and most people will come to like him is the reason you (and most people) like what he just said.

      Bush won’t run in Iowa. Walker is becoming a joke. The rest occupy the back seat of the clown car. Huck jumps to the front.

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