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"Just stretching....."

“Just stretching…..”

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Seems to be a problem at the Kissing Booth - credit bits and pieces

Seems to be a problem at the Kissing Booth – credit bits and pieces







"Run Forrest Run" - credit bits and pieces

“Run Forrest Run” – credit bits and pieces

"We're gonna need a bigger grill" - credit bits and pieces

“We’re gonna need a bigger grill” – credit bits and pieces

Balancing Act - credit bits and pieces

Balancing Act – credit bits and pieces

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Hillary 2016 – A Liberal Vison For America And The World


‘2016 Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is really rolling out her campaign with a bang’.

‘On April 24th, she delivered a speech at the Women in the World Summit in Manhattan, where she addressed the issue of social justice when it comes to women and girls’.

Hillary Clinton :

“Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed”.

“As I have said and as I believe, the advancement of the full participation of women and girls in every aspect of their societies is the great unfinished business of the 21st century and not just for women but for everyone — and not just in far away countries but right here in the United States”.

‘Watch Hillary’s speech in its entirety below (section on religion and women starts at 8:26)’:

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How Republicans Govern – ‘Laboratories of failure’

food stamps3
By Digby over at Hulllabaloo.

‘Paul Rosenberg has a deep dive piece at Salon today about the abject failure of GOP economic policies and how that’s likely to be a big factor in the presidential race. Here’s a bit of it’:

“What do Scott Walker, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal all have in common”?

“They’re all sitting governors who’d like to be president, sure. But what else”?

“How about being embarrassingly bad at job creation? That’s right”.

first word2

“From January 2011 through January 2015”,

“Louisiana under Jindal ranked 32nd in job creation with 5.4 percent growth over four years”.

“Wisconsin under Walker ranked 35th, with 4.85 percent growth”.

“New Jersey under Christie ranked 40th, with 4.15 percent growth”.

How Republicans Will Govern – ‘Minnesota Republicans Pass Bill Banning Cities From Raising The Minimum Wage. Seriously’.



They actually voted to STOP Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport from raising the minimum wage higher then the States. 

‘Republicans in Minnesota’s House of Representatives voted in favor of a bill that focuses on ensuring workers making at or around minimum wage have absolutely no chance to see their wages increase without federal intervention’.

‘And in case that didn’t get their “screw the poor” message across loud and clear, they tacked on an extra measure that would slash the state’s minimum wage for tip employees – because if there is one group of people making too much money in this country, it’s restaurant wait staff’.

“The bill would create a two-tiered minimum wage, with a lower rate for employees who receive tips of at least $4 per hour, while also prohibiting cities or the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport from enacting a higher minimum wage than the state minimum”.

“Rep. Pat Garofalo, R-Farmington, chairman of the Job Growth and Energy Affordability Policy and Finance Committee and the bill’s chief author, said that without a change in the minimum-wage law, restaurants and taverns could be forced out of business by higher labor costs as the state’s minimum wage rises to $9.50 per hour by 2016 and then increases with inflation after that”.
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Blog Running – “The plaintive cry of the perpetually oppressed”



And by the way Huchabee, the single greatest threat to our freedom is religion, because takes away the freedom of debate.

Over at Hullabaloo by Tom Sullivan :

‘Even as conservative Christians insist that they are America, inhabiting a country created by God himself just for them, and as sure as the prosperity gospel that he smiles upon and blesses them, they are most comfortable posturing as oppressed outsiders’.

‘So GOP presidential wannabes were on message yesterday in Iowa’:

“The single greatest threat to all of our freedoms is the threat to your religious liberty,” Mike Huckabee’.

You know, in the past month we have seen religious liberty under assault at an unprecedented level,” said Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas’.

‘Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal this week took to the New York Times to position himself as defender of the faith’:

“Why shouldn’t an individual or business have the right to cite, in a court proceeding, religious liberty as a reason for not participating in a same-sex marriage ceremony that violates a sincerely held religious belief”?

(Because we are a Society….not a cult.)

‘In an America in which’ :

  • ‘Over three-quarters identify as Christians’,
  • ‘A GOP that controls both houses of Congress’,
  • ’31 governorships’,
  • ‘And nearly 70 percent of state legislatures’

‘Is, according to Jindal, beset on all sides by “left-wing ideologues who oppose religious freedom” and “seek to tax and regulate businesses out of existence.”
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