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Republican ‘Free’ Enterprise – ‘Some Fries With Your Stupid, Sen. Rand Paul?

rand paul ray bans1

rand paul ray bans

We learned that the Rand Paul campaign had been selling Ray-Ban sunglasses imprinted with the “Rand” logo without our consent,” Jane Lehman, who handles corporate media at Luxottica, Ray-Ban’s public relations firm, wrote in an email to The Hill’.

‘So let me get this right’:

  • ‘A sitting US Senator took someone else’s product’,
  • ‘Stamped his own logo on it’,
  • ‘And then sold it on his website’?

“One picture on Paul’s website showed President John F. Kennedy wearing the iconic glasses atop his head next to a picture of Paul with a similar pair of glasses.”

“I can hear Senator Bentsen now, ‘I knew Jack Kennedy and you’re no Jack Kennedy,’ ” a caption on the site said. “Well, you and I may not be Jack Kennedy, but Rand likes Raybans and now we can all own Rand branded Raybans.”

“$150 is more than you might normally pay for sunglasses, but these are Raybans and even more, they are indelibly marked with the Rand Brand … and as always, it’s a contribution to the Rand Paul for President campaign,” the site said.”
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One thought on “Republican ‘Free’ Enterprise – ‘Some Fries With Your Stupid, Sen. Rand Paul?

  1. Wait, what? Rand Paul is plagiarizing sunglasses now?

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