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In My Back Yard – ‘Idaho Republicans Kill Child Support Collection Bill Because They Think It’s Sharia Law’


idaho and sharia law



‘It seems Republicans have now found a new excuse to kill bills and laws they don’t like. Just claim they constitute Sharia law’.

‘That’s exactly what happened in Idaho on Friday when Republicans voted against a child support collection bill that would have finally brought the state in line with federal child support enforcement rules’.

‘According to Boise Weekly’:

“Senate Bill 1067 would have brought Idaho up to date with federal regulations, allowing the Gem State to use the government’s system for tracking and enforcing child support payments”.

“The federal system is tied to the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act, which requires states using the federal tracking system to conform to 2008 amendments to the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act”.

“But the bill failed in a House panel by a 9-8 vote because Republicans say the bill will force Sharia law upon Idaho”.



‘ABC News reports that “Rep. Heather Scott and Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll, both Republicans, said they feared the bill could force Idaho to enforce child-support rulings made under Islamic law or foreign tribunals.”



‘From ABC News’:

“There is no specific language in the bill that would protect the rights of those dealing with parentage, child support and support orders from a foreign country that would contradict our laws here,” Nuxoll said, adding she would change her vote on the bill to “no” if she could. “There are other countries listed in the treaty —France, Belgium— that have recognized sharia courts as quasi-courts. So I just feel that you should be aware of those facts.”

‘Well, too little, too late. And now Idahoans face a hard fact that their state stands to lose $46 million in federal child support aid’.

According to a letter from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, roughly $16.1 million will immediately stop once Idaho is out of compliance. An additional $30 million is also in jeopardy because compliance is also tied to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families”.
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