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I’m going to be taking a few days off to R&R, a whole lot of yard work and do a little tweaking with the blog.

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ATTACK!!! – credit sober in a night club













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In My Back Yard – ‘How Fox Is Making People Stupider Today’

fox lies2


‘See? A commie flag at a state capitol’!

‘Your Fox-watching uncle is emailing you at this very minute to say he told you there’s no difference between the philosophy of the Democrat Party and full-blown Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-Stalist revolutionary communism — but you wouldn’t listen’!

‘So, um, what’s the story here? Well, here it is’:

‘Washington Gov. Jay Inslee decided to fly a Communist China flag right next to the American flag at the Washington State capitol to honor a visiting Chinese ambassador’.

‘Inslee, a Democrat, ordered the Chinese flag be raised right between Old Glory and the state flag outside the capitol building in Olympia’.

‘Some local patriots, however, were not pleased and took matters into their own hands’.

(Except they didn’t)

‘With the help of a Washington State Trooper, several activists lowered the Chinese flag’.

(The Trooper and State worker were doing their normal duty.)

‘They said that flying the flag of Communist China at the same height as the stars and stripes was disrespectful….’

(See G.W. Bush)

‘It’s disrespectful to fly the flag of China at the same height as the U.S. flag? You mean like this’?


UPDATE: ‘Wonkette’s Doktor Zoom learns that the flag removal had nothing to do with the protest’:

“… as we confirmed with a call to Jaime Smith, Director of Media Relations for Gov. Inslee, the Chinese flag had been flying to honor the ambassador’s visit. She noted that it’s common protocol for national flags of visiting diplomatic and trade delegations to fly at the Capitol during official visits, as a routine show of goodwill. When the visit is over, the flag comes down. Totally normal, and the “patriots” had nothing to do with it”.
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Republicans And A Christian Nation – ‘Ted Cruz Threatens To Take Away The Supreme Court’s Power To Decide Marriage Equality Cases’

ted cruz anti marriage bill

religious right

Have you ever noticed that if a Republican is against something…….it doesn’t matter what it is…..then that thing is ‘illegal’, ‘lawless’ or ‘unconstitutional’.

The great news for the Nation is that Ted will force the rest of the Republicans to go further right on issues, imposing a Christian moral standard on everyone.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – ‘On his first Iowa stop as a presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz warned Wednesday that a Supreme Court ruling to legalize gay marriage nationwide would be “fundamentally illegitimate.”

“Religious liberty is not some fringe view. It is the basis of this country,” he said. He blamed gay rights activists and Democrats for the recent uproar over an Indiana law that would protect businesses who refuse to provide certain services on religious grounds’.

“Because of their partisan desire to mandate gay marriage everywhere in this country, they also want to persecute anyone who has a good faith religious belief that marriage is a holy sacrament, the union of one man and one woman and ordained as a covenant by God,” he said’.

“Every one of us is concerned about the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision likely coming in June,” he said. “The first thing and I think the most important thing every one of us can do, is pray. Lift up in prayer.”

“If the court tries to do this it will be rampant judicial activism. It will be lawlessness, it will be fundamentally illegitimate,” he said’.
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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun….What Would Jesus Do……” – ‘Gun goes off in Altoona church during Easter Vigil mass’


Just another ‘accident’ where the gun shot someone. No people are to blame.

What is someone doing with a gun in church?

I mean really…….

If you shoot yourself…..IN CHURCH….because you didn’t put the safety on… you still get to go to Heaven…..or does God say you’re too stupid?

ALTOONA, Pa. —’Police say a gun went off at about 11 p.m. Saturday at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Altoona, Blair County’.

‘Police say a man had a gun in his pocket and it discharged when he stood up. The bullet grazed the man’s hand’.

‘An Altoona newspaper reported the trigger caught on the man’s pants and the gun’s safety was not on’.

‘The man was taken to the hospital. Police haven’t released his name’.

‘It’s unclear why he brought a gun into church. At this point, no charges have been filed’.
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