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Poor Man's Bath? - credit-daily-picks-and-flicks

Poor Man’s Bath? – credit-daily-picks-and-flicks

Slow Mo Balloon Pop - credit bits and pieces

Slow Mo Balloon Pop – credit bits and pieces









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Republican HATE, FEAR and LOATHING – ‘GOP Group Warns Supporters And Police That Muslims Are ‘Infiltrating’ Idaho’



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‘Bonneville GOP chairman Doyle Beck said Wednesday afternoon that he was “in Texas in a helicopter” and not available for comment’.

‘Wednesday night, Bonneville GOP executive director Becky Prestwich said she wrote the article, which is unsigned but appears below a picture of Beck’.

‘Prestwich said she regretted that she wasn’t more specific in her comments. She said the article was concerned with radical Muslims, not all Muslims’.

  • ‘Prestwich said she believes that at least 10 percent of Muslims are radicals’.

The article specifically attacked the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which Prestwich characterized as a front group in an interview with the Post Register.

“Muslims are taught to be ‘two faced,’” the article said, “that is, to present the face of friendship to enemies but to inwardly hate them. To wait to be called to jihad and be ready to rise up and kill the enemy when called. Given that type of deeply ingrained teaching, are we to take them at their word when organizations like CAIR dispute that there are any nefarious intentions?”

‘The article also painted Muslims as violent toward other religions’.

“There are at least 109 (chapters of the Quran) that advocate violence and death towards infidels,” the article said. “And make no mistake; if you are not a Muslim, you are an infidel. Period.”
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The Republican War On The Poor – ‘Kansas Bans Poor People From Spending Welfare On Cruise Ships’


This is a great example of what happens when Republican control how safety net money is distributed.

Not strictly the ‘block grant’ program but according to Republicans….the next best thing.

“We’re trying to make sure those benefits are used the way they were intended,” state Rep. Michael O’Donnell (R) said, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal’.

“This is about prosperity. This is about having a great life.”

‘The Kansas TANF program, known locally as the Successful Families Program, offers a family of three as much as $429 per month in cash benefits’.

Kansas welfare recipients will be unable to get more than $25 per day in benefits under a new law sent this week to Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s desk by the state legislature’.

Under the new rule, a three-person family receiving the maximum benefit would have to go to the ATM more than a dozen times to get the full benefit, which would be whittled away by an 85 cent fee for each withdrawal after the first one’.

‘National welfare advocates were taken aback by the $25 daily limit in Kansas, something that has not been implemented in any other state’.

“This provision makes it nearly impossible for a recipient who does not have a checking account to pay rent,” Liz Schott of the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said in an email’.

“Moreover, it actually takes money from the pockets of poor families since they will need to pay 85 cents for each additional withdrawal after the first one in a month, and often more with ATM transaction fees.”
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First Word – The Middle Class In America


I grew up in a middle class home and worked
most of my life as a middle class American.

So why am I not a Conservative?

While I was too young to remember the actual
event, my Grandparents would tell stories of
how it was before Social Security.

Asking their children for help.

So you work and work hard as they came from
the Depression era, and you end up owning your
home and all of your property and having a
little savings but that goes fast.

Conservative politics places importance ONLY
on people who work with special attention to
those who are rich.

But that’s not America.

We are also single mothers and fathers, the
working poor, children, elderly, disabled.

What is so striking though is that again and
again anda again, if Republican policies are
so wonderful for Americans —– why, why do
those who live and have lived for decades
under Republican governance —-why, why are
they so poor?

The top States are mostly ‘blue’ or Democratic State.

The bottom States – almost exclusively Republican.

In fact Washington State’s ‘low’ is as high and even higher then most of the bottom States ‘high’.

The Conservative ‘Bible Belt’ is doing a great job of keeping it’s ‘flock’ poor.


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