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The Republican Dark Age – ‘Social Studies And Science Banned From Colorado Classrooms’

republicans stupidity dark age

colorado to ban science and social

DENVER (KDVR/Fox) – ‘State education officials are considering a number of changes to make it easier for students to graduate high school’.

The new requirements would give individual districts more control over standards, eliminate social studies and science requirements and lower the minimum scores required to graduate’.
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Republicans Working Hard For The People – ‘West Virginia GOPers Want To Make Enforcing Obamacare A Felony’

Legislature Returns

west virginia health care1

Why do Republican hate people?

Do Republicans get excited by seeing sick people with out health care?

Maybe Republicans ‘get off’ on seeing people who have so little suffer more.

And what scares the crap oput of me and it should scare you too….is if they keeping trying to do this to Obamacare, should they elect a Republican President and keep the House and Senate…..what will they do to Medicare? Medicaid? Social Security? Food Stapms? Veterans benefits? Unemployment insurance?

Not just that you can’t or won’t be covered but just like attacking the clerks in several States that process marriage applications form same sex couples, the Grand Old Party will also make it a misdemeanor for ANY federal or State employee to implement health care.

Getting health care is against the law in West Virginia…..

‘The bill makes it a felony for federal employees to enforce Obamacare’,

‘And state workers would be charged with a misdemeanor, for attempting to implement federal regulations through Obamacare’.

Just ignoring for the moment the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution…..what is in your heat and mind to charge people with a crime, a CRIME for helping people get health care?

  • ‘The bill also declares Obamacare “invalid” in the state, according to the Gazette’.

Oh. I understand now. You’ll just nullify the laws YOU don’t like. Does that also mean you’re no longer a part of the UNITED States?

‘However, a lawyer for the committee admitted that it might be unconstitutional to actually prosecute federal or state workers over administering Obamcare’.

‘It could also put health insurance for thousands of West Virginians who benefit from the law into jeopardy’.

‘Six Republicans in the House are cosponsoring the bill: Larry Faircloth, Kayla Kessinger, Michael Ihle, Pat McGeehan, Michael Moffat, and Josh Nelson. Most of those are aligned with the Tea Party wing of the West Virginia GOP.
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Republican HATE, REAR and LOATHING – ‘Most Republicans Don’t Think Obama Loves America’

love america3

love america

Thank You FOX (cough) ‘news’.

You’ve corrupted journalism to the point where you sell hate and division rather then facts.

‘Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani isn’t alone in questioning whether President Barack Obama loves America, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll’.

‘Giuliani has since partially walked back on the comment, writing over the weekend that he “didn’t intend to question President Obama’s motives or the content of his heart.”

‘But while 47 percent of Americans say Obama loves the country, the rest say he doesn’t or that they’re unsure. Just 11 percent of Republicans say they think the president loves America’.


love america1

‘While a small percentage of Democrats and independents who dislike the president nevertheless give him the benefit of the doubt, the Republicans who rate him unfavorably are at best willing to say that they’re not sure about his devotion to the U.S’.

‘Democrats, however, are more willing to extend goodwill to the other side’.

Debunking Republican Lies – ‘Obama’s A Tyrant For Vetoing Keystone? Let’s See How His Vetoes Stack Up Against His Predecessors’

obama tyrant3

obama tyrant1

Just another fake Republican ‘crisis’.

‘After President Obama vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline bill, many were enraged that he would do such a thing. How could he go against the “will of the people”? We must “denounce” him, they say. He’s “hurting the middle class.”

‘First of all, let’s be real about the Keystone XL Pipeline — it’s a giant straw sucking dirty oil from Canada to be funneled to Texas to be refined then shipped overseas creating only about 35 permanent jobs’.

‘Is President Obama the tyrannical leader many claim he is? Not so much’.

In terms of executive orders’?

‘Obama is at 203’,

‘George W. Bush signed 291’,

‘Clinton signed 364’,

‘George H.W. Bush signed 166 (one-term president)’,

‘And Reagan signed 381’.

‘Now, let’s be real about the number of vetoes President Obama has issued in comparison to his predecessors’.

‘As far as vetoes are concerned’:

obama tyrant2

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