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One Man’s Trash…..Republican Family Values – ‘Phil Robertson to Receive Free-Speech Award at CPAC From Citizens United’


Except the Founding Fathers DIDN’T build this Country on God or his word……


And just to make sure we didn’t become a ‘christian nation’, the Founding Fathers put this in the Constitution…..not the Bill Of Rights,,,,but the Constitution itself……

religious test

Nothing says ‘Freedom – Liberty’ like giving a pedophile bigot a ‘Free Speech’ award……

‘Sourcing the Bible, Robertson said in a GQ magazine interview that homosexuality and same-sex marriages were sinful, causing a firestorm of criticism from the political left, and on Dec. 18, 2013, A&E announced he had been indefinitely suspended from Duck Dynasty’.

‘After a fierce backlash largely from conservatives, the network lifted its suspension.’
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