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Voter Fraud By Republicans – ‘Ohio Elections Chief Tries To Tie Immigration To Voter Fraud’

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ohio voter fraud

‘Efforts in several states to catch non-citizens voting illegally ahead of the 2012 election turned up virtually no offenders. In Ohio, Husted reported 17 cases of non-citizens who voted in the 2012 election — .0003 percent of total ballots cast in the state’.

‘Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) has made undocumented immigrants the latest target in his ongoing effort to suppress votes’.

‘In a letter sent last week, Husted argues that President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration will lead to non-citizens registering to vote, which would have “lasting implications for the integrity of our elections.”

‘According to Husted, Obama’s order granting deportation reprieve to millions of undocumented immigrants will allow them to obtain Social Security numbers or driver’s licenses and opens the possibility that they could register to vote’.

“In spite of our diligence maintaining accurate voter registration rolls, however, the recent executive actions could jeopardize their integrity by making it much easier for people who are not U.S. citizens to illegally register and cast ballots,” Husted wrote’.

‘Even as he has dismissed the idea that voter fraud is an epidemic in Ohio, Husted has repeatedly fought to restrict voting’.

‘He became an infamous figure in the 2012 election for his efforts to cut early voting, going so far as to defy a court order requiring early voting hours to be restored in 2012’.
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