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Sharing Breakfast - credit bits and pieces

Sharing Breakfast – credit bits and pieces



One Time Too Many - credit bits and pieces

One Time Too Many – credit bits and pieces







bucket credit sober in a nightclub Patience is a virtue

bucket credit sober in a nightclub Patience is a virtue

Music – Shout – Otis Day & The Knights (Animal House 1978)


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How Republicans Will Govern….JOBS??? – No. Impeachment – ‘GOP Congressman: Obama “Getting Close” To Impeachment’


‘Republican Rep. Tom Marino of Pennsylvania says President Obama is “getting close” to impeachment’.

“People say, ‘should the president be impeached?’ I say, we’re getting close to that,” the Marino said in a video posted on YouTube Wednesday by the local newspaper, the Wellsboro Gazette’.

‘Marino said he was talking about impeachment because “it comes up consistently at town hall meetings.”

Of Attorney General Eric Holder, Marino said he also wasapproaching impeachment.
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WTF????????? – ‘Utah Republican wonders if it’s OK to rape an unconscious woman as long as that unconscious woman is your wife’


  • Is there some part of ‘unconscious’ or ‘not able to consent’ that is unclear??????

Obama's Response
‘Utah is currently considering a measure that would clarify the definition of consent to tighten legal protections for people who are assaulted while unconscious or otherwise incapacitated’.

“This is something that’s been a long time coming,” state Rep. Angela Romero, a Democrat from Salt Lake City who is also the sponsor of the bill, told the Salt Lake Tribune’.

“At the end of the day, if someone’s unconscious or they’re a vulnerable adult, then the logical answer is: Don’t try to have a sexual relationship with them.”

But state Rep. Brian Greene, a Republican from Pleasant Grove, isn’t so sure it’s that simple. During a debate on the measure, Greene offered the following hypothetical’:

“It looks to me now like sex with an unconscious person is, by definition, rape”.

“I hope this wouldn’t happen, but this opens the door to it: an individual has sex with their wife while she is unconscious — or he, the only other way around, if that’s possible, I don’t know. But a prosecutor could then charge that spouse with rape”.
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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun…..” – ‘Guy Practicing ‘Gun Safety’ Puts a Bullet Through the Wall Into His Neighbor’s Apartment’

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‘Early Tuesday morning, Portland Police were called by a man who reported that a gunshot had come through the wall from a neighbor’s apartment’.

‘The report was received shortly after 1:00 a.m. from a man who said he was awakened by a gunshot in his neighbors apartment and that the neighbor was now knocking on his door’.

‘When police arrived, they were told that the couple who are new gun owners had practiced safely handling their new gun and that the woman was attempting to put a trigger lock on the gun when it discharged’.

‘ She said that she was not aware that the chamber should not have a round in it when the lock was put on’.
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