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‘GOP Attacks Fail: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Named Most Admired US Man and Woman’

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These are the top 15 most admired men and women in the United States via YouGov’.

‘None of the top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination made the list’.

‘There was no sign of Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, or Rand Paul’.


Instead, the top Republican presidential candidate was Ben Carson at number nine on the men’s list and Sarah Palin in tenth among women’.
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Actually Helping People – ‘This Really Simple Idea Could Change Homeless People’s Lives’

dignity on wheels

‘Project WeHOPE in Palo Alto, CA is looking to change that for the homeless people it serves in the area’.

‘It’s currently raising money for the Dignity on Wheels initiative: a mobile trailer that has showers, restrooms, and laundry facilities’.

“Dirty clothes and smell prohibits [the homeless] from going to appointments…or looking for a job,” explained Pastor Paul Bains, the founder of Project WeHOPE’.

“When you can clean someone up, they feel better about themselves, their self-esteem is raised, they know people aren’t looking down on them because they smell or look dirty. So we figured washing their clothes and giving them the opportunity to shower helps with restoring that dignity to them.”

‘The idea began with WeHOPE’s board chairman Morris Chubb, who Bains said has “really led the charge.” It’s also been informed by the work Bains and his organization has done helping the homeless both through its shelter — which became a full-time facility in November — and outreach to those who, for various reasons, don’t want to come inside’.

  • The plan is to not just offer cleaning services, but use the trailer as a means of outreach’.
  • “More importantly, it will have a case manager or nurse…so they can do a level of triaging,” he said‘.

‘That can help save money in the hospital system. “If you can do that at early stages and help with preventative care or intervention care, it helps with not losing people on the street.”

‘An estimated 2,000 homeless people died outside last year’.

‘The case managers will “also build relationships to get them to go to mental health appointments, dental appointments, and medical appointments,” he added’.

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‘The project is still in fundraising mode, with $70,000 raised of its $170,000 need. “As soon as we raise that money, we’re going to go ahead and launch,” he said’.
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Holding America Hostage – ‘Cruz: Block Lynch until Obama blinks on immigration’

obstructionist ted cruz

The United States doesn’t need an Attorney General according to Republican Ted Cruz.

And AMerica can have an Attorney General just as soon as Obama gives in to what the Republicans want.

And it has nothing to do with the Attorney General.

‘Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is demanding that Republicans block the nomination of Loretta Lynch as attorney general until President Barack Obama relents on his immigration policies’.

The likely presidential candidate said in an interview Tuesday that Republicans should use “every procedural tool” to block Obama’s move to defer deportations for roughly 5 million undocumented immigrants — calling on the GOP-led Senate Judiciary Committee to block her nomination and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to deny her a confirmation vote on the floor’.
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Republicans Making US A ‘Christian Nation’ – ‘RNC Official Says Removing School Prayer Caused Increase in ‘Assault, Rape, Murder’

prayer in school

Strangly enough….prayer IS allowed and was never ‘banned’.

‘An Iowa Republican National Committee member appeared on the ‘View from the Pew’ radio show last week to claim that the removal of prayer from school resulted in an increase in students committing violent crimes’.

‘RNC committeewoman Tamara Scott told the audience that’

prayer in school1

“When the prayer came out in the ‘70s – and that’s one of the things that I prayed for last week in Louisiana with 6,000 people (at Gov. Bobby Jindal’s prayer rally): repentance. Because we as a church should have never let that happen, we should never have allowed prayer to be taken out of our schools.”
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