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Republicans Hurt The Middle Class and Reward The Rich – ‘John Boehner Screws Over The American People By Blocking A $2,000 Middle Class Tax Cut’

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‘House Democrats introduced a new proposal that would give middle class families a $2,000 tax cut that was immediately shot down by Speaker Of The House John Boehner’.

‘The Washington Post described the Democratic plan as a step towards addressing income inequality’:

“The centerpiece of the proposal, set to be unveiled Monday by Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), is a “paycheck bonus credit” that would shave $2,000 a year off the tax bills of couples earning less than $200,000”.

“Other provisions would nearly triple the tax credit for child care and reward people who save at least $500 a year”.

  • “The windfall — about $1.2 trillion over a decade — would come directly from the pockets of Wall Street “high rollers” through a new fee on financial transactions, and from the top 1 percent of earners, who would lose billions of dollars in lucrative tax breaks”.

‘Speaker Boehner shot down the idea via a tweet from his spokesperson’:
Chad Pergram ? @ChadPergram
Boehner spx Steel on Van Hollen plan: The last thing we need is a new trillion-dollar tax hike added to the current broken tax code.

‘Boehner’s position that tax cuts add to the deficit apparently only applies to tax cuts for the middle class because it was only last month that Speaker Boehner supported a $440 billion tax cut for corporations’.

“This is a song and dance that we have all heard before. For years, Republicans moaned and groaned about the deficit. They claimed that the nation was too broke to extend unemployment benefits, programs for the needy, or even expand veterans benefits”.

“Now that they are about to take control of Congress, Republicans have found enough cash to blow a $440 billion hole in the deficit by pushing a tax cut bill that his heavily slanted towards corporations”.(1)
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2 thoughts on “Republicans Hurt The Middle Class and Reward The Rich – ‘John Boehner Screws Over The American People By Blocking A $2,000 Middle Class Tax Cut’

  1. Jueseppi B. on said:

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  2. You get what you voted for … or not voted at all. This is barely getting started!!

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